Two hundred and ninety-three

The most wonderful thing happened today.  Proof that every bad deed can have a good one to help make it better.  Proof that although there are bad people out there, there are good people too.  And sometimes people do bad things because they are desperate. 

Early this evening I was supervising at my pub.  A disheveled man sprinted past me out the door, then kept running as fast as he could away from the building.  A few seconds later, one of the servers runs towards the door looking for the man.  “I think he just stole something,” he says.  All the staff go to check their personal belongings.  One of the other servers had just found the man in the girls staff room.  The last girl to arrive to check her stuff opened her wallet to find the man had stolen $275 – all her tips from the past couple of days.  She was devastated.  The girl and a few of the other staff run outside to see if they can find the man.

Meanwhile, I am serving the tables of the pub while they search for the man.  A table of three having a business meeting and a drink ask me what has happened and I explain that a strange man just came into the pub and stole $275 out of their server’s wallet.  They were concerned.

The police were called, but no one found the man.  The girl who lost the money was very upset, but she carried on.  She said that obviously the man needed the money desperately if he did that.

The table of three who were concerned and had asked what was happening finished their drinks and as they were leaving asked to see their server (the girl who had the money stolen).  They handed her their billfold with their payment, said thank you and left.  Their bill was $25.  Inside the billfold was $200.  These random strangers left her a $175 tip.

It just goes to show that for every bad deed there is a good one in return.  What a random act of kindness.  It brought tears to my eyes today amidst the chaos.  Thank you to those three people.  You are angels.

4 thoughts on “Two hundred and ninety-three

  1. I loved this post! It makes me think of a quote from Mahatma Gandhi:

    “When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall – think of it, always.”

  2. Thank you for reminding me that no good deed goes unrewarded, and that bad behavior is often due to desperate measures… thank you..

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