Two hundred and ninety-four

I’m still in awe of the amazing random of act of kindness I was witness to yesterday.  It still brings tears to my eyes.

Good deeds, however, don’t have to involve helping people directly.  You can do a good deed for the community as a whole or in the case of my good deed yesterday, for the environment.

Picking up trash is not a glamorous job, but it needs to be done  (or people could just stop littering and that would be even better, but unfortunately I can’t see that happening anytime soon).  As I walked around my neighbourhood and looked at the sidewalks and the parks, it was sad all the garbage lying around.  At one point I found a pop can within throwing distance of a recycling bin.  Really, that person couldn’t walk the four steps over to the bin to put it in there?!  They just decided to leave it on the park lawn instead. Who does that?!

It was definitely a gross job.  I wore gloves and carried a plastic bag to collect the rubbish in.  When I reached a garbage bin I emptied and continued.  The funniest thing was I was going to work straight after and was dressed in my supervising, fairly dressed-up attire.  I got a few funny looks in the heart of Parkdale from the crazies.  I’ll take the looks if it makes our community a little prettier.  I’m afraid to walk to work today, though, because I’m sure I’ll find all the places where I picked up garbage from to be littered again with McDonald’s paper bags and ripped newspaper.  Sad, but true.

It wasn’t as emotionally satisfying as doing a good deed directly for someone else (and picking up garbage is pretty close to a selfless act, although I did have pleasure from the beauty of clean streets), but if everyone picked up a few pieces every time they went outside, our environment would be cleaner, which in turn helps our mental and physical health.  And my friend (and reoccurring character on the blog) the Eco-comedian would be proud!

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