Two hundred and ninety-nine

The small things

A friend of mine sent me a video and a little note the other day reminding me to appreciate the small things in life like, in this case, the opening of a flower.  It was also to remember that each day is a gift and to appreciate every smile, every touch, every moment of our lives because it could be our last.

There are so many small good deeds that can be done on a regular basis to help out a stranger or make a friend smile.  Canadian Living has an excellent list of 50 simple good deeds that you can do daily.  Small examples I’ve been making a conscious effort to do include: holding the door open for people; letting other people on the bus ahead of me; smiling more (although maybe not in Parkdale… see my post from Out of My Comfort Zone month about smiling at strangers in my neighbourhood); spreading the word about small businesses I like to help them out; letting go of grudges and forgiveness; and leaving a server a generous tip (I love this one!).

My favourite, and what I’ve been concentrating on the past few days, is giving out compliments.  Everyone loves to hear their hair looks great, or you like their necklace, or the colour shirt they wore that day really compliments their eyes.  Strangers get a little startled at first, then flattered.  (Although the older lady with the white whisker beard and the mismatched shoes wasn’t phased at all this morning when I walked by her and complimented her elf hat she was wearing.  “Everyone loves my hat,” she replied with a giggle.)  Friends love it.  I know a friend of mine had a New Years resolution last year to compliment at least one person every day.  I loved when he chose me for the day.  It made my day when in the middle of a busy rush he would tell me how great I looked that evening.  And since I’ve started complimenting people more, it makes me feel great to be the giver as well.  The smile that I’ve caused on someone’s face is contagious.

In honour of the Christmas Spirit, don’t forget the small deeds.  They only takes a minute of your time and could change a person’s day!  Happy Christmas Eve everyone!