Three hundred and one

A couple of random comments from my tired, lazy, Boxing Day brain…

Boxing Day

My dad and I drove my grandmother back to Burlington today and carried her stuff (luggage and Christmas loot) up to her apartment.  On our way back, I decided it would be funny to see the chaos that is Boxing Day at the biggest mall in Burlington.  My dad reluctantly agreed (bonus ‘good deed’ point for him).  Now there is a place where you can see what not to do when you’re trying to do good deeds!  The stop-and-go parking lot traffic frustrated people enough that some people weren’t even acknowledging when you let them cut in to the line.  Other drivers were dangerously swerving and cutting people off.  I was sure there was going to be an accident.  When we finally got in to the mall, although not as bad as I feared, there was still a lot of people there impatiently waiting in line to get a discount on their favourite Victoria Secret panties or a designer Coach bag.  Happily I didn’t see any trampling or pushing.

As a side personal rant, would people please stop using plastic bags and use reusable bags for their shopping.  It’s such an easy good deed to do for the environment!

Boxing Day line-up at Mapleview Mall. Who waits in line to get in to a store??? Are the deals really worth it?

Pack For a Purpose

Lots of people go on holiday this time of year.  My mom just let me know of this fantastic website that allows you to do a small good deed that you’ll hardly notice and help a lot of people while you’re doing your traveling.  Don’t you always wish you had a little room leftover to pack those things you bought while traveling?  Or perhaps you always leave space for this?  In either case, this is a great way to fill that extra space on your way to your destination. is a website dedicated to help you fill that area of your luggage with supplies that are needed in schools and medical facilities around the world.  Their goal is to get every traveler to dedicate 5 lbs of their luggage space to supplies like pencils, band-aids, deflated soccer balls, toothbrushes, and multi-vitamins. It’s really easy too.  You go on the website, choose your destination, and find what supplies are needed by projects in the area.  You buy and fill your 5 lbs of extra space with the objects, drop them off at the lodging, they deliver to the project, and you have 5 lbs of room left to fill with whatever extras you end up with at the end of your trip!  I think this is an amazing idea and wish I had heard of it sooner.  My mom and dad will be doing this when they head to Cambodia next year.