Three hundred and two

Walking dogs at the SPCA

Jaxx - one of the cute dogs we walked (who is up for adoption) at the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA

It breaks my heart every time I go to help my mom volunteer at the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA.  I want to take all the animals home and give them love and discipline and a home so they’re not stuck in a cage for weeks at a time.  Why do people abandon their puppies?  It’s your own fault they aren’t obedient!  It was your job to teach them that!  And those poor animals that are taken from their homes because of animal cruelty charges.  There are some horrible people out there.

My mother has been volunteering at the SPCA for over five years now.  She is a dog walker.  She takes the dogs for a walk, lets them run around in the off-leash park, gives them a chance to pee and poo, get some exercise, attention, and love.  She volunteers for two hours a week and takes out three dogs during this time.  Every once and awhile one of her friends, family members or I will join her.  She loves it and gets a lot out of it.  She has gotten to know the other dog walkers and the dogs that come and go – some gone quickly, some stay there for weeks or even months.  She has always wanted a dog, but because dad and her travel a lot, it’s not the right time to get one.  So this is her fix every week.

It was raining and cold today when we went (spitting at first, then a light rain at the end).  My mom laughed at my winter hat, mittens, hood, scarf and knee-length jacket.  “I do this in worse weather than this!”  she said.  It was pretty uncomfortable near the end.  But every second of the cold and wet was worth the joy on the dogs’ faces when we played with them, threw them the ball, cuddled them, and ran with them.  One in particular was so cute, I just wanted to take him home right there (every time I go, there’s always a dog I want to take home).  It was so great to help at the SPCA, but it always breaks my heart to put them back in their cage and walk off.  Hopefully they will all find happy, loving homes.  And hopefully people will stop getting a dog, not training it, not giving it the time, love and attention it needs, then giving it back when it’s too hard to handle.

2 thoughts on “Three hundred and two

  1. Jaxx is so cute! I can’t believe that someone would treat this little pup so badly, hurt or abandon him. I’m sending this to a friend….maybe I can convince her to adopted him.

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