Three hundred and five

I’m still working on the random good deeds for strangers, but I wanted to share a story from my friend Sarah, for those of you who don’t read comments on the blog:

“I was on my way to work on the Subway in Toronto and there was some electrical problem and all the subway cars had to stop until it was resolved. I’m pregnant and look it. I was standing with my laptop bag and bagged lunched. As we waited I started to overheat as pregnant women tend to do. So, I took off my coat and scarf…so there was no debating I was pregnant not just wearing a bulking coat. We were waiting 20 minutes and not one person got up to give me their seat. Now, I just moved back to TO from Shanghai. Their subway system is a lot more busy then ours and as soon as I walked on the subway someone would get up and give their seat, without hesitation, within seconds. In their society it’s expected to give seats to mothers with small children, elderly, handicapped and pregnant women. I don’t think it’s even considered a good deed, just expected. I was fine and didn’t really care, but seeing the contrast was an interesting observation for me. I shared my experience with my husband and he told me that he gave his seat to a man with crutches on the street car and the man thanked him and then told him he was the first person that had done that since he got crutches.
The measure of civilization/society is how they treat their weakest members.
– H.E. Javier Perez de Cuellar.
I wonder how Torontonians would measure up?”

That is absolutely horrible!  I can’t even believe this.  For all you as_holes out there not giving up your seat for pregnant women and injured people, I am absolutely disgusted.  I really am.  I’m surprised too.  I knew Torontonians were selfish at times as a whole, but that is just too much.  Who are these people?!

If you need a little hope that some people are kind and generous after reading this, check out this website:  It’s a place where people can share their good deeds with the world and you can read about good deeds of other people.  Their vision is “to initiate and encourage an ongoing snowball effect of good deeds.”  If you need a pick me up and renewed faith in humanity, spend a few minutes on this site.  And it might inspire you to do more good deeds yourself!

One thought on “Three hundred and five

  1. Hi Sarah Again….As you know my mother is a natural good-deeder and she drives a Bus in Mississauga. She told me that when she has a full load and an elderly person or someone in need gets on the bus, she tells the people on the bus, that some younger person needs to get up and give their seat….she says its just a little reminder.

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