Three hundred and nine

Giving up a trip to the strippers

What a way to start Life at the Poverty Line month – declining a trip to the strip club…

I should probably start at the beginning.  One of the food runners I work with turned nineteen at midnight last night.  I was working with him and a bunch of boys and they all planned to take the cutie out to the strippers at midnight to celebrate his turning of age.  They wanted me to come along.  As much as it could have been amusing to watch his little eyes light up at the sight of half naked women and his ability to purchase a beer at a bar, I had to decline.  There was no way I was spending a whole day’s money just to get into the door of a strip club and another day’s cash for a couple of drinks!  Oh the sacrifices I have to make…

I did spend $3.39 on a plastic shower curtain and hooks at The Dollar Store to go with my new cloth shower curtain I bought for $2.88 at The Bay on Boxing Day.  I’m trying to re-do my bathroom, and this month is as good as any to see if I can do it on a strict budget.  I have lots of leftovers in my house and have been staying over at my boyfriend’s house, so haven’t gone grocery shopping yet.  That will be a challenge to buy healthy food.  Although since I haven’t been eating dairy, that tends to cut off a big chunk from my grocery bill.

I’m also having to renew my license plate sticker on my car – a fee which I will split with my brother, but will still cost me just under one day’s worth of budgeted spending money.  And I have plans to go visit my parents this week, which I need to allow gas money for.  This whole month will really be an exercise in thinking ahead, budgeting and planning every penny.  And working in the restaurant industry that celebrates spontaneity and spending money on frivolous things, it’s going to be extra hard not to be convinced to spend cash on things I don’t need.

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