Three hundred and twelve

“Suggest my last month” top five for voting!

What will I be doing for the month of February and my last month of the project?  At the beginning of this year I put it to you to suggest ideas of what I could do for February.  The only rules were that it can’t be illegal and it can’t cost a lot of money (unless you want to donate the money to me to accomplish it).

There were lots of great suggestions – one which caused a debate, some I laughed at, some which really got me thinking.  I narrowed the suggestions down into topics that were feasible (I still need to work and survive while doing the experiment) and that would be interesting to write about every day for a month (some of the topics were really interesting as a month-long idea, but don’t have enough details to be able to blog about something clever and different every day).  After I narrowed the list down, I picked what I think are the most interesting top five ideas.  At the bottom of this post please vote on which of these five you would like to see me do for the month of February.  I will keep the voting open for two weeks.

Without further ado, here are the top five:

#1 A month of living without

Suggested by Leah: “Every day you go without doing something you would normally take for granted like using your sight, voice, hands, or money. You could spend a day in the city without any possesions but the clothes on your back, a day without speaking to or seeing anyone, or a day without telling a single lie! The list goes on.”

I love this idea, as there’s plenty to write about, you get to read about me doing more silly things, and it touches on big issues of what we take for granted every day.

#2 29 days 29 stops/29 days of travel and discovery

Suggested by Rachel: “Buy a metro pass and everyday take some form of transit (bus, streetcar and subway) and get off at a different stop everyday. Once you are off, document things you see…try a new restaurant or coffee shop, check out the shopping for that area. Explore and discover parts of the city you would not normally see, and also explore the limits of the city’s transit system.”

And suggested by Brenda: ” I was thinking that 30 days of travel and discovery would be a nice way to finish it off. Not necessarily travelling to different lands so much as discovering what you can by travelling there in some form or fashion. Choose a direction, choose a conveyance – or your feet – and just go. Discover.”

Each day I would travel to a new place and write about my discoveries – a colourful story about my explorations.

#3 A month dedicated to peace

Suggested by Peggy: “How about a month dedicated to Peace? Finding Peace, Living Peace, in Oneself, Others, the World, situations, circumstances, daily living. etc…..? The Motto being ‘Seek not Peace here, but find it everywhere.’ -Emmisaries of Light-James Twyman.”

This topic could tie in a lot of the other suggestions made, including living each day to the last, meditation, meeting new people, conquering fears, the importance of love, and being less wasteful.

#4 A photograph a day

I can’t remember who verbally suggested this to me. The idea is to take one photograph a day, post it, and write about the story behind it.  The photos will represent the journey I went on throughout the year, telling the story of where I started to where I am now.  It would be a nice wrap-up to the year.

#5 Healthy living/fitness

Suggested by Jenn: “Obesity has become an epidemic in our society. It is actually terrifying if you do the research as to percentages of overweight and obese people now compared to even 5 years ago… I think the best and most relevant topic and a much needed one is healthy living. Getting the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables, getting 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily, making sure we read food labels and pushing our educational system to teach children to read labels/grow their own food/fitness can be fun even if you don’t like sports.  It is a serious problem and I think would give you a lot to talk about/research/do.” And “try different classes at the gym, bootcamps, flirty girl fitness, martial arts, dance classes, P90x, etc.”

And suggested by Allison: “what about 30 days of physical activity for at least 45 minutes each day? Some days you could take a fitness class, some days you could go on a bike ride or play ultimate frisbee.”

Every day I would do something physical and talk about healthy living personally and in society.


Click here to vote on which idea I should do for the month of February.

6 thoughts on “Three hundred and twelve

  1. Ooops, I missed the suggestion deadline. I was going to suggest finding a homeless person and writing a story about their life before they became homeless. It woud be a huge task but very interesting.

    I voted for # 4 as well. Just think, since a picture is worth a thousand words, a caption is all you would need.

  2. # 5 is overdone. It’s great, but it doesn’t seem that original.

    #4 rocks, but I’m biased in that regard, and you can incorporate a photo a day into any of the other ideas.

    #3 No.

    #2 I think this is becoming my favorite. It’s different, sounds original and every day is an adventure! I vote for this one!

    #1 is cool, and would be good for sure, but I feel like you’ve done similar kind of challenges.

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