Three hundred and sixteen

I know yesterday was a bit of a left wing rant on social services (mind you, an important rant).  It’s interesting to take the challenge to live on a small amount of money a day and then see how you feel.  You’ll understand the feeling of frustration, anxiety and stress that comes along with it.  I dare you all to spend a couple of days doing the things you normally do, but with only $20 in your pocket.  Try to spend $8 at Starbucks on that latte and cookie and see how much is left that is supposed to cover your gas or transit, your other meals, and that beer you were supposed to join your co-worker for after work.  Give up all those luxuries that make you smile and live off only the basic necessities.  You will definitely find other ways to amuse yourself, but it will be a transition period with sacrifices.

I was speaking to a coworker of mine the other day and he isn’t rich by any means, and he said that anything he spends money on under $50 doesn’t even register as spending.  The more I’m doing this, the more I realize how much crap I used to spend my money on. A juice from the convenience store on my way to work, scratch lottery tickets, writing journals (I have ten of them, but I just keep buying more).  We all needs treats once and awhile, but I don’t need that junk.  Every dollar spent adds up.

I’ve been really good the last couple of days about spending little to no money to save up for my friend’s birthday on Friday.  I also really want to see a play on Thursday night, so I’m saving for that too.  That means being creative in the kitchen, making interesting concoctions with the ingredients I have.  And packing lunches and dinners to take with me to work.  It’s a fun challenge – that sometimes turns out better than other times.

I’m also looking for free activities to do in the city.  If anyone has any suggestions, please pass them along!