Three hundred and twenty-six

The results for February!

After months of suggestions and two weeks of voting, the results are in!  It was really close between three of the topics: A Month of Living Without, 29 Days of Travel and Discovery, and A Photograph a Day.  One of the topics beat the others by 3 votes and 1 vote.  I have to go with the numbers, though, so for the month of February I will be doing…

Maybe I should prolong this some more?  Keep you on your toes, desperately wanting to know what shenanigans I’ll be completing my year with.  I could tell you what I did and didn’t like about each topic.  I could tell you what the challenges I would face with each would be.  I could just keep prolonging the inevitable revealing.  But I wouldn’t be that annoying.  So… the results are…

#4 A photograph a day!

I can’t remember who verbally suggested this to me. The idea is to take one photograph a day, post it, and write about the story behind it.  The photos will represent the journey I went on throughout the year, telling the story of where I started to where I am now.  It would be a nice wrap-up to the year.

I did love all the other suggestions, so I’m going to try and incorporate them into this photograph a day concept.  I will be telling the stories of my year through visual images.  As I did cover a bit of “living without” during my “out of my comfort zone” month, that will be in there.  I also did travel across Canada during “First Kiss Interviews” month, so the travel and discovery will be there.  Ok, these are just my first rambling thoughts.  I need to really think about what I’m going to do with this idea and get back to you…

And a quick Good Deeds message about bringing things abroad

Here’s an interesting blog post on Sarahs in Haiti about what you should and should not bring or send abroad to help those less fortunate.

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