Three hundred and twenty-eight

Living with debt

I work on the weekends and the beginning of the week, so today is my hump day.  And it was a looong day today.  Working brunch on Saturday and Sunday mornings is draining, and the only reward used to be the cash I ended up with at the end of the shift.  I was speaking to some coworkers the other day, saying how hard it is to keep working this month, but never getting to spend any of the money.  One of them mentioned that the same thing is happening to them because of debt they have to pay off.

Trying to pay off debt is so difficult because you are earning money, but you don’t get to keep it or spend it.  Especially in the service industry where you have your earnings in your hand, and yet it will (or should) go straight into the bank to pay off something you spent money on in your past.

Debt can come from over-spending, putting something you need (or sometimes think you need) on credit.  It can come from negative circumstances like paying for funeral costs for a death in the family, or losing your job and living off credit until you can find another.  It can also come from paying for education to invest in your future.  Whatever the circumstances are debt is a difficult thing to get out of and overwhelming at times.

We’ve seen with the crisis in the States how many people lost everything because they were spending outside of their means (and the corrupt financial institutions encouraged them to do so).  Unfortunately we live in a credit society where instead of saving to buy something like our grandparents did, we buy now and pay later (not everyone does this, but a large majority do).  Making educated financial decisions should be taught in school from a young age so people don’t end up in a huge amount of debt (unforeseen negative circumstance excluded) or end up being pressured into buying something before they really think about it.

The feeling of being hungry and wanting to buy food, having cash in your hand, but knowing you can’t spend it is pretty discouraging and depressing.  If anyone has any ways they’ve coped with their debt or gotten out of debt, let’s here them.  I’m sure there are tons of people out there who’d love practical advice about this.