Three hundred and thirty-nine

I hate that this is happening on my second day of photography month!  Arg!  Oh the joys of trying to upload photos to a blog when you are away from home.  I have a great photo for you tomorrow, but alas, the internet is not working on my computer at my parents’ house, my camera won’t connect to their computer, the bluetooth won’t work, and I can’t find anything in their house that will help me.  So my photo for today will have to be an old one I’m snagging from my Facebook photos (I know, not the best photo, and so frustrating, but I’m not sure what else to do! Arg!).  Oh, did I mention my parents live in the country and I have no idea where the closest WiFi is?


It’s February 2011.  I’ve been through a lot of life changing things which caused me to cut my hair, head to Florida and force myself to become motivated about something.  That something is this new project I’ve decided to do where I put myself through social experiments for a year and blog about them.  Yep, that project is this blog.  The blog that has changed my life.  But back in February, sitting on the hammock in the Florida Keys at my aunt’s house, thinking of how the h-e-double-hockey-sticks I’m going to pull this off, I never knew how much I would learn over the year.

So there I was, the ideas flowing through me and out into lists in journals and discussions with whoever would listen, swinging in the hammock with the tropical breeze blowing over me.  Sigh.