Three hundred and forty

I’m back in the city with the wonderful invention of wireless internet.  As much as I love visiting my parents in the country, oh how I love my apartment and am so grateful to have access to the world wide web in my home.  Without further ado, here is the photo I wanted to post yesterday, and what it reminds me of…

“Yellow fields, big sky”

The big sky, the yellow ground, the vast fields, the feeling of being so small in our huge country.  My trip across Canada in September was a life-changing experience.  The beautiful, although very wide, Saskatchewan was a highlight.  We were a tiny speck driving across the flat landscape for days.

Driving through parts of southern Ontario gives me this same feeling, although not quite as yellow fields or as big sky.  This photo was taken in the town of Lincoln, just outside Beamsville.  There’s something so visceral about farming that I love.  It puts my mind at peace.  That is, unless I start thinking about what I learned during vegan month and what happens in those buildings in the background…

4 thoughts on “Three hundred and forty

  1. I’d love to hear more about Saskatchewan, I am planning to move out there with friends so I’m trying to grab as much info. as possible about the areas of Saskatchewan. Funny how you write about Beamsville, A friend of mine and myself slept outside an abandoned miniput course in Beamsville, it was pretty funny, there was like nothing there!
    – from Ontario.

    • I loved Saskatchewan, although it is very flat. There’s something so beautiful about the big blue sky and the yellow fields that stretch on forever. I drove through Saskatchewan on my way across Canada. (My one post I wrote about the province here) There is apparently a lot of crime in Regina, so beware. What area are you moving to? Why there?

      That’s hilarious about Beamsville. My parents just recently moved there, although my dad’s been working there for years. There isn’t too much there, although my parents live in the country and it’s beautiful and reminds me of the prairies.

      • Saskathewan is nice, it is the gateway to Alberta from Ontario :).
        There probably is a lot of crime there, I have heard bad things about Regina lol.

        I want to move to Moose Jaw because fome of my friends will be in Alberta most of the month (back some days) and with my education it is far easier to break into the entry-level jobs and gain a strong career in business and/or human resources. There are apparently a lot of jobs there too :o).

        Beamsville itself is hilarious, the only reason we ended up there is because we couldn’t find a hotel late at night that wasn’t full. It was ridiculous! So it was like 3 am and we were gonig to pay for a hotel full price to stay 3am-12pm and it was like $200. So we were just about to take it even though it was ridiculously expensive. But we decided just to drive home from Niagara Falls. I was worried that my friend would fall asleep driving soI persuaded her to stop off in a dark town lol. That dark town was Beamsville lol, dark because like no one lives there :P.

        The country is beautiful, I wish I could live forever out in the country it just has its own element to it, hard to describe, but I love it. Like running through corn fields laughing, running around, it’s so invigorating (no idea on the spelling of that).

        I’ll read and comment on that other article tomorrow, today is a busy day lol.


      • There are actually quite a few people living in Beamsville now. It’s quite the town now. Although things do shut down pretty early, so it still gets pretty dark at night. My parents actually live in the country 15 minutes or so outside the town, and it’s even darker there.

        Well, good luck in Saskatchewan. I hope you find a great job out there! Alberta’s beautiful too, and I’ve heard there are lots of jobs out there too.

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