Three hundred and forty-three


Mmmm… chickpea curry!  It makes my mouth water just looking at it – and I just finished eating a big bowl full!

What more can I say about vegan cooking that I haven’t said already?  I feel like one of those hippy stereotypes that talks about drinking green smoothies and spouts off all the advantages of hot yoga (for the record, I don’t drink green smoothies, although I’d love to tell you all about how downward dog and tree pose make me feel…).  I admit I am a bit of a hippy – especially when you compare me to my meat-eating family.

I won’t try to convince you of anything, though.  It’s everyone’s personal choice what they eat.  We all have beliefs – some more extreme than others.  My beliefs – especially since my month of being a strict vegan – are that cooking and baking without any animals products is delicious, much healthier, and really did completely change my relationship with food.

I’m no longer a strict vegan.  I eat a bit of chicken and fish.  And I did have a slice of Baileys cake at my friend’s house the other day.  But generally I stay away from dairy, pork and beef.  I would still, however, prefer to cook vegan foods.  And I love photographing the beautiful colours of the different vegetables, herbs and spices.