Three hundred and forty-five

The blogosphere

One of the most fascinating things about this year has been how each month has connected with a different audience.  Of course there are those readers who have stuck with me through the more and less exciting times (thanks mom).  However, there are those people who join in for a month at a time.  There were the extreme couponers who gave me advice and offered support in March.  There were the voyeurs who enjoyed reading about my many attempts to push myself out of my comfort zone (that porn cinema still haunts me) in August or my crazy date a day in May.  There were the travellers who followed along in September and the chefs and foodies in June and October.  Finally there are the photographers that are joining the discussion this month.

What’s really interesting is how the blogosphere has helped this interaction along.  I’m only now realizing the important role of connecting between blogs plays.  I wish I had done more of this connecting during my earlier months.

I’ve had a few fellow photographer bloggers follow my blog over the past few days.  Their sites and photos are beautiful, so I thought I should give a little shout out to them.  If you’re interested in seeing some great photos, check these blogs out: – photography by Kurt Wahlgren – Travel/Photography/Design/Inspiration by Susan K. Edel (and she has one of my favourite quotes on her blog: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” -Eleanor Roosevelt) – a year-long project by Daphne posting a happy moment every day, with some great photography as well – Photography by photojournalist Matthew George. – photography blog by Arley Seth – photography blog by Claire Atkinson based in Manchester, England – photography blog by Matthew O’Toole based out of Liverpool. Lots of travel photography. – Photography and travel interests, places and things. – lots of photos of the cutest dog ever – “Personal Perceptions – an attempt to capture the world around me” – photoblog by Stefan Knoflach, photographer in Vienna, Austria

There are some really talented photographers and bloggers out there!

Ok, on to my photo of the day…

“Street Art”

I just love photographing street art.  The talent is amazing.  I love the colours and the shapes.  There’s no real story to this (although I’m pretty sure I referenced it during art month in April), only that it inspired me to take a photo, and it inspires me just looking at it.

3 thoughts on “Three hundred and forty-five

  1. So proud of you girl. Only a year ago it was a discussion in the Keys and look where it has taken you. Enjoyed every month…. maybe 366 days should continue in a different format so everyone can continue to enyoy your wonderful stories and amazing writing skills. – Lynn

    • Thanks Aunty Lynn! I can’t believe it’s been a year since we sat on that boat drinking and talking of ideas. Thanks for the help back then and the support all the way through.

  2. Hi, I really like the Skedazzles site. I have a thing about doors and door details and she has a whole series of them. She also has a great hanging laundry series…also another fav of mine.

    Thanks for sharing the Photo sites!

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