Three hundred and forty-six

Reading my old posts is like reading an old diary – slightly embarrassing, hard to remember why I felt that way at that time, funny to see how far I’ve come from that moment and how different I am as a person now.  Sometimes I cringe at the words I used or how candid I was with my feelings.  Sometimes I laugh at myself and blush at the absurdity of it all.  Sometimes it reminds me of a moment that made me so happy, or one I’d rather forget.  And sometimes I am just proud of myself and the work that I produced.

While trying to recall moments that are worthy of a photograph, or which will inspire an image, I am going back through some of the months’ posts and reminding myself of all the journeys I went on this year.  It’s harder than you would think to put myself back in those places and emotions (especially the very personal ones like my argument with my friend during good deed month or the struggles I went through during date month).

There are times when I feel like I’m walking a path, creeping closer to the end, but every time I get to the end, the path is longer or there is a curve that I didn’t see coming.  This year has been broken down into small segments, each with a beginning, middle and end.  Those segments make up a larger section with different segments.  I guess this is life.  Once this month is over, there will be the book to write, and then new challenges – new beginnings, middles and ends that are never really the end, but just another beginning… (Ok, that might of been a little complicated and “deep” – as my mom would say – but I’m going to leave it in anyways.)

“Walking the path”