Three hundred and forty-eight

“The notebook”

I’ve been looking through old notes of when I started brainstorming what I would do for this year.  I used to carry around this tiny notebook in my purse whose pages would fall out occasionally and which has sections of almost illegible scribble – ideas or words that were supposed to remind me of something.  I would always bring out the notebook and write down thoughts or feelings that I thought could help me plan out what was then a little idea of a blog (I still do this actually, but I’ve realized a sturdier journal is the way to go).

I came across some great, hilarious ideas that people suggested and thought it would be fun to share them.  So here are some of my favourite worst and/or outrageous ideas of what I could do for a month:

  • Speak in a British accent for a month (if you have heard me attempt to do any kind of accent at all, you would see how bad of an idea this really is…).
  • Find one random phone number a day in the phone book and try to have a conversation with the person on the other end (harassment lawsuit?).
  • Wear full make-up every day, even to bed (my skin would have been so gross by the end of it, and what would I have written about?  “Here I am again with an inch worth of make-up on my face…”).
  • Wear high heels all the time, even in bed.
  • Go to an interview a day for a job I’m unqualified for (a.k.a. how many bridges can I burn?)
  • Be drunk or high every minute of every day for a month
  • Learn to do stand-up comedy (oh wait, I am actually still doing this – I’m petrified and will probably be mortified doing it, but the routine is written, my coach has coached me, and it will be happening soon)
  • “Dress like a gangsta” (actual words used to suggest this idea)
  • Have sex in public and write about it (I’m sure my mother would love to read all about that.  Although it would probably get a lot of people reading.  We all know sex sells…)
  • Pat a pitbull (for 30 days straight?).