Three hundred and fifty-four

“While my guitar gently weeps…”

…because it sits dusty and unplayed!  I have a confession.  I haven’t touched my guitar since I swore during Art Month in April I would play regularly.  I also haven’t sewn, or drawn, or finger-painted, or knit, or danced salsa, or any of the other art things I really wanted to keep doing.  I just haven’t had time.

Or is that just an excuse?  I could make time for all of those things, but then my life would be pretty full (and my friends and family can attest to the business of my life already).  A lot of this year has been about finding a balance in my life.  Some of the time I was overwhelmed and off-kilter.  Some of the time I was unchallenged and bored.  Finding that perfect place where I am fulfilled but not too hectic is my goal.  And accepting that I can’t do everything is a huge part of that.  My mother would be proud of me for trying to learn that lesson (although I still fall off the wagon at times).

And I swear I will pick up the guitar again, so it can stop weeping in the corner.  I just need to find the balance.  Actually, I’m inspired right now…

Wow, that last photo really shows the dust!  Eek!  Embarrassing!