Three hundred and fifty-seven

I get really excited about topics I’m interested in.  It’s a personality trait that has come in handy during the past year. Once I start to learn about something, I fall down the rabbit hole of information.  There is always more research to be found – more branches and twigs from the tree of knowledge.  Each bigger idea has smaller relevant topics leading out from it.  It’s never-ending.

Here are some branches and twigs from my journey the other day.

“More fun Toronto signs”

4 thoughts on “Three hundred and fifty-seven

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  2. Cool blog, like the pics… especially the “BLOOR” one.
    Out of curiosity, have you used any LED Lights/lighting for your indoor photographs? We sell them, and we were curious to see if there was demand for such products.
    Martin L.

    • Thanks Martin. I tend to use natural light, and whatever fixtures I have around for my photographs. I’m probably not the best person to ask, as although I love photography, I’m definitely not a professional – yet!

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