Three hundred and sixty-three

I thought it good to add a couple guest posts from two of my photographic inspirations.  Both are friends of mine whose images make me want to be a better photographer and have taught me a lot about the art form and the mechanics of using my camera.  The first is Mr. Michael Andrew Reid – a man I met during date month and has become a good friend.  He is also a writer and blogger and agreed to put something together for us. (The second I will post tomorrow.)  Without further ado, Michael Reid:

These photos were inspired by Virginia Woolf’s essay.

This isn’t a commentary on gender equality or female writers, just about writers. The need for a writer to have their own space to create is very important.  Whether that space is a quiet room or in my case a cafe on a Sunday afternoon.

Having a place to create, brings about wonder, passion and moments of satori.

As a writer, I love getting lost in words. The joy of creating something from nothing, turning an unfocused image into clean clarity…

It’s like seeing snow for the first time as a child; all you can do is smile.

Even though, as writers we need a room of our own, don’t wait until you’re in the mood to go to that place. Just go and start writing, put pen to paper or fingers to keys. Whether you were in the mood or not, I’ve found the rest takes care of itself.

‘Cause at the end of the day, writers write.

Michael Andrew Reid
twitter: @TGATMAR