Three hundred and eighty-seven

Wednesday post day and the aftermath of St. Patty’s Day weekend

The biggest day of the year working in an Irish pub came and went and I survived.  I remember last year how absolutely tired I was at the end of it, but still managed to post something.  Good for me.  Although maybe not the best writing I’ve ever done!

I did manage to spend quite a bit of time working on the book this week, though, in my spare time.  I also heard back from the agent!!!  Her intern and her both read the prologue I sent them and liked it, with a few changes, of course.  I have a phone meeting with them tomorrow evening to discuss what I need to work on and “discuss the next steps in getting this book written!” (in her words).  Awesome! That also means I need to write the book.  For those interested, the book is about my personal journey behind the blog – my romantic journey (and that’s a good one), my physical health journey, my emotional journey, etc – filtered through what I am going through in the blog.  There will be small excerpts from the blog, factual information about the topics, but also my secret personal story of what I was going through at the time.  Well, at least that’s what I’m thinking it will be so far.  I’m all for adaptation, depending in how it is going.  I’m almost done the first section, so hopefully I can keep up this pace.  If I can still find time to write while working St. Patty’s Day weekend at an Irish pub, I can find time any time.

A couple of interesting things that jumped out at me this past week that pertains to topics from the year:

I found the image below on answers from “When people look back on their life in their 30s, 40s and older what are some common regrets they have?”.  It reminds me why I do what I do.  And not that I kiss a ton of people (no that’s not what the book is going to reveal!), it’s that I try to live my life without regrets.  Sometimes I succeed better than others.  And I only kissed a few of the boys from date month (if I was The Bachelorette on television, you’d be disappointed if I wasn’t kissing them all, so no judging).  But the ones I did kiss were very special to me, and one of them is especially special to me still (oooo, hint at what my big secret is in the book).

(originally from

As I donated a bunch of money to the Daily Bread Food Bank during Good Deed and after Poverty months, I belong to their mailing list.  I’m sort of against snail mail lists because they’re just wasting paper and killing trees.  I know there are conspiracy theories that if we go completely electronic, the computers could crash or all our personal information will be stolen (you know who I’m talking to – father), but in cases of marketing I think going completely electronic is the socially responsible thing to do.  That being said, the Daily Bread Food Bank does a lot of amazing things, so I can’t hate on them too much.  In their package they sent me, there’s a leaflet about what causes hunger in Ontario and who the donation helps.  Here are a couple of those facts that remind me of what living at the poverty line really is:

  • The median monthly income for people using food banks in Ontario is $925, meaning 72% of their income is spent on rent/mortgage including utilities.
  • 46% of adults have not eaten for a day because of lack of money
  • 36% of food bank clients are children
  • 19% of children go hungry at least once per week

I am grateful every day for what I have and what I was born into.  And I remember every day to try and help those who have different circumstances in their life that are not as fortunate as mine.

10 thoughts on “Three hundred and eighty-seven

  1. Interesting post, Lindsay. I actually came across a blog last night written by someone in the literary business, telling you what to expect with book contracts and all. It was interesting… now if I could only remember how I found it, lol. I actually just finished a book geared toward teens and college students that deals with some global justice issues, and poverty/hunger is one of them. It’s a 21-day read, that not only brings awareness about the issues, but challenges them to do something extreme each day (specific assignments) to drive the issue home. I’m hoping to draw some who are on the sidelines so to speak, into a more active lifestyle of reaching out to those around them. That being said… its going to be interesting following the book-writing process, and I love how you’re going to bring the blog into it. Nice concept. Keep writing!

    • Thanks Barry. I always find things and forget to bookmark them and can never find them again. It happens all the time in the rabbit hole of research! Your book sounds great. Very interesting. I love how you’re challenging them to do something every day. How are you publishing it? Or is it published already?

      • I have a friend who is a published writer and he put it out to a couple of his contacts and they showed interest. And I had another friend who’s mom is the acquisition’s person for a publisher as well, so I floated it to her myself. They ended up taking the bite and offered a contract, but didn’t want to go to print until early 2013 (really???). When I told them I already had an order for several thousand copies, they changed their minds and wanted to sign the contract right away – of course it would benefit them as well. In the end I decided to self-publish and float it to a lot of contacts I’ve got already. I’m told that once my sales numbers get to 15-20,000 I can get a contract that better benefits me. I should have copies in hand soon, which I’m excited about.

      • That’s really exciting. Keep me informed of how it goes. I’ve heard so many pros and cons to every way to get a book published, I think it just comes down to what is best for the writer. I have definitely heard it is easy to get taken advantage of, though, so I’m on the watch (like you) to make sure I get a fair deal!

  2. So crazy proud, happy and excited for you!!! I agree about living life without regret. If you can, on your death bed say “I have no regrets” that to me is the true measurement of a successful life. You go girl!

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