Three hundred and ninety-four

Blogging used to be my ritual.  The one thing I had to fit in every day.  My release.  Now it’s my writing the book and blogging seems a little foreign.  I forgot what it felt like when I first started sending my thoughts out into the internet abyss – like I am sharing a part of my soul for the world to read and judge.  Happily, it turned out most people out there are supportive and encouraging, or are genuinely interested in an intelligent debate.  But it’s still more difficult every week now than it was once blogging became a habit.  By the end of the year I just wrote, whereas now I’m constantly questioning what I’m sending out there.

Around this time last year, at the start of the Toronto Football Club season (because my pub gets very busy for the games), I read some of my posts and think of how I managed to post something despite working twelve-hour shifts at the pub running around like crazy.  I figure if I can do it then, I can do it now.  When you’re passionate about something, you make it happen I guess.

Speaking of passionate, because I’m writing about my experiences extreme couponing right now, I’m starting to see coupons everywhere I go again.  There was a time last March when I would see anything to do with a grocery store and instantly think “coupon” in flashing lights in my head, like what I’d picture a Las Vegas wedding chapel to have.  (As a side note, friends of mine from Australia just had their second wedding at one of those.  The average number of weddings per day in Las Vegas is 300+, with the cost of a Nevada marriage license only $35.00.  It’s still a very popular wedding destination.  Although how much electricity those neon signs must take I’m sure is ridiculous!)  I still keep the occasional coupon in my wallet, but I’m now remembering the advantages of using coupons.

Since I wrote my posts last year, TLC has aired an Extreme Couponing All-Stars, pitting two couponers in each episode against each other with the person having the highest percentage of savings named the winner of the round.  The three couponers with the all-around top percentage of savings advanced to the finale.  It really is a sport now!

And an extra little photo of my vegan baking yesterday before I head off to serve beer to soccer hooligans:

Recipe from  So delicious (and yes, I couldn’t wait and ate one before I took this photo)!