Four hundred and forty-three

Update on the book and the publishing process

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated you all on the publishing process, and I know some of you are interested for your own writing journey, so I figured today would be a good day.  Well that and the fact that I’ve spent the day biking across the city, visiting one of my best friends and her adorable newborn baby (who spit up on me on several occasions, but completely adorable spit ups), then writing about Cooking 30 Countries and the aftermath of date month, and I’m pretty exhausted.

To recap how the process has gone so far:

  • After my blog was featured on Freshly Pressed, I got an e-mail from a literary agent asking to meet with me about representation.
  • We met for tea (her) and coffee (me), all went well and I sent her my prologue.
  • She and her intern both liked what I wrote and we decided to work together.
  • I am writing the book and sending it to the agent section by section for her to edit and makes suggestions as to formatting, the  information I’ve chosen to include, and the flow.

What’s happening now:

I’m up to the fourth month/section in writing and the second in editing.  My agent was away at the book fair in London, England (sort of speed dating for agents and publishers) and just got back.  She has sent me her edits for the prologue and the Extreme Couponing section which have been really helpful in pointing out what things I’m missing.  Sometimes it’s hard to make sure to explain everything and include all the details, instead of just filling them in in my head and assuming the reader will figure it out.  As well, she’s been great at filtering out unnecessary information I’ve added.  I’m pretty proud of what’s been written so far.  I think it’s going to be a really fun book!

We met the other day and chatted a lot about things I need to focus on in my writing as well as general book trends in the publishing industry (apparently erotica is very hot right now – excuse the pun – because of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy that has been flying off the shelves).  I am officially signing a contract with her once a friend of mine looks it over and we make sure we’re all happy  (it looks fair to me so far, but it’s good to get a second professional opinion before signing anything).  She then will start pitching the book to editors and publishers, starting with New York, then at other book fairs depending on what the market is looking like for the type of book I’m writing.  From there it’s up to my agent to negotiate for me and find the right fit for an editor and publisher with my book.  It’s all pretty exciting.  And I’m really liking how the book is going so far with the writing.

Alas, it needs to be finished before any publishing happens, so I better get back to it and write a little more before bed…

8 thoughts on “Four hundred and forty-three

  1. Thanks for including us in the process, Lindsay! My book and publishing has gone on a bit of a different path, which I’m sure I will share one of these days. Both equally exciting and bland at the same time, lol. 🙂

    • I think you shared a little of your publishing story with me the other day. How’s it going? When I think about it, it’s pretty exciting, but i totally agree a little bland when I think of the day-to-day stuff and contracts, etc.

      • It’s actually gone pretty well. I held an actual copy of the book in my hands for the first time a couple of days ago, and THAT was very surreal, i can tell you. As I’d told you earlier, my first order was a large one for a group in Texas (4,000). I read somewhere online that of the 150,000 or so books get published every year in the US, with only 5% of them ever selling more than 5,000 copies. SO, I’m already on my way! We’re actually in talks with a conglomeration of organizations that are going to be hosting several stadium and arena events over the next 2 years (starting in September), who want to use my book as an “exit strategy” – puting it in the hands ofa ll who attend and asking them to “do” it. It’s basically a 21-day devotional/call to activism dealing with 7 different social justice issues in the world today. The book is called “The Justice Revolution”. You’ll probably begin to see and hear a lot more about it in the coming months. 🙂

      • Thanks fantastic Barry!!!! I’d love to buy a copy and support you, too, if they go on sale to the public? Let me know! That’s just so amazing! It’s so great to hear when someone’s hard work and passion pays off. And you totally deserve it!

  2. First off, I love your blog, and I’m so excited to see it as a book!
    Second, I am hoping to publish a book as well. It’s not a “oh I hope to one day” kind of thing, but rather I’m just waiting to get enough information on publishers before I take the next step. You said that someone contacted you about working together and publishing. Are you having to pay for the process? Do you suggest contacting a publishing company, or just hoping someone will come to you?
    Hopefully my questions made sense!


    • Thanks Athena! My experience was a bit different than most authors. The standard practice is to query an agent. I just happened to luck out because an agent read my blog, loved it, and contacted me. That rarely happens. I wrote more about the publishing process a few weeks ago ( which might give you a bit more information. The agent then contacts publishers for me. She doesn’t get paid until I get paid – usually the agent takes anywhere from 10-20% depending on your contract. I would suggest looking up literary agents in your area and seeing which ones might fit the kind of book you are writing (or have written?), then sending them a query letter (a letter explaining the topic, plot, target audience, short bio of the author) and see if they want to read more of your manuscript. There are a lot of blogs and writers out there, so I would suggest being active in seeking publishing – whichever form you choose.

      There is also the self-publishing route, which has become fairly easy to do and popular recently, but I don’t know much about this (although there are quite a few other bloggers who have used this very sucessfully). From what I understand, if you do well enough self-publishing, publishing houses could still publish your book the traditional way, although I’m not 100% certain. You also keep more of a percentage of your book sales when you self-publish because you aren’t going through as many steps of people, who all need to get paid. I chose to go the traditional route because I like the idea of working with an agent and editor to help in shaping my book, as well as the publicity and possible international reach that could happen. I also like that she does all the negotiating for me. I really clicked with this particular agent, as well.

      I hope this helps and if you have any more questions, let me know. Good luck!


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