Four hundred and fifty-seven


It’s blog day and I have the whole day off to write.

10:00 am – (I closed at the pub last night, so I slept in a little) Wake up.  It’s such a beautiful day.  I think I’ll sit out on my balcony and read a book for a bit to wake up.

11:00 am – I’m hungry.  It’s time to make breakfast.  Maybe I’ll check my e-mail while I’m at it.  And check the weather forecast, read the news, check my Facebook, send directions to my friends for my parents’ house where my dad and I are having a big joint birthday bash this weekend, play a game of solitaire, check my e-mail again (hotmail and two g-mail accounts), play another game of solitaire because I lost the first one.

12:00 pm – Put on my bikini and lay out in the sun for a bit reading my book again.

1:00 pm – Make coffee and back on the computer making a playlist for the party this weekend.  I open my blog account, but decide I need to check my e-mail again.  Maybe something really important came up in the past hour that I need to respond to.

2:00 pm – I must have a shower.  I take my time – I have the whole day off, no rush.

2:30 pm – Make more food and eat while reading.  Debate whether I should be writing, but decide I have plenty of time and will do that later.  Decide whether I should run errands today or tomorrow.  Decide on tomorrow.

3:00 pm – Move to the couch to read.  Boyfriend calls from Montreal where he’s living right now and chat with him.  Make vegan chocolate chip cookies because I really want something sweet.

4:00 pm – Make a list of all the things I need to do.  Don’t actually do any of them.  Eat too many cookies.  Sit back down to read.

5:00 pm – Fall asleep on the couch.  It’s fine, it can’t be that late.

7:00 pm – Napped far too long.  Eat dinner and more cookies.  Open my computer to write.  Check e-mail again.

8:00 pm – Cross one thing off the list: take out recycling.  Realize how late it is and get frustrated with myself for not being more productive (although I did almost finish my book that I started last night).

8:30 pm – Respond to comments on blog.

9:00 pm – Finally start writing.

That is truly how I spent my whole day off.  It’s almost embarrassing.  I obviously needed the relaxing time, but it’s very frustrating.  Perhaps this is what people call writer’s block?  Although I don’t have a problem writing, I just sometimes have a problem forcing myself to actually sit down and do it.  That’s why the daily blog was so fantastic – I was forced to write every day.  And I still do (well most days, unless I’m working a really long shift at the pub and too tired to write anything worth reading), but it becomes harder and harder to devote good quality time to writing.  I love to write and when I actually sit down to do it, it pours out of me through the keyboard and onto the screen.  It’s just so easy to do other things, though.  There’s always e-mail to check, or laundry to do, or recycling to take out, or lists to make, or errands to run, or grandmothers to call (which reminds me…).

Friends have suggested I go write in a coffee shop without internet where I don’t have the distractions of my house and am forced to just sit and write.  I’m a server, though, so would be too worried about sitting there for too long taking up a table and would either be too distracted by that or keep buying things I don’t want so I’m not worried about it.  I go through phases where I write heaps, and then I have days like today where I end up leaving all my writing to the very end of the day.  If any other writers out there want to share their tips of avoiding procrastination, I’m all for it.

I find the busier I am the more productive I am, so maybe I should plan my days off with lots of things to do, so I have to slot in time to write.  Alas, there is no point in me complaining because it’s done and the day was very pleasant and relaxing.  And now I’m in the mood to write.  The two-hour nap means I won’t be going to bed for awhile, so book, here I come… (As long as I resist checking my e-mail again!)

6 thoughts on “Four hundred and fifty-seven

  1. Nothing wrong with taking a day to relax! What usually happens for me is what happened for you – later in the day/evening is when the writing juices start to flow, and probably because I’m not stressed anymore. Don’t get me wrong, there is a point when you just put stuff off too long, but someone once said, “Only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by Friday.” 🙂

  2. I’m not as much of a writer, but I am a creative (musician). I find that I am most productive later in the evening (after six pm) so I end up feeling like I waste most of the day not working. You are not alone!

  3. They say writer’s block is often cause of the perfection we want from our first draft. Orson Scott Card would also say, to Just Write! You could write it a thousand different ways, and a hundred ways would be right. Just write. 😀

    Great to read your writing, as always! 😀


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