Four hundred and sixty-four


This post is not specifically about writing, or about the blog, but just about life.  It’s something on my mind and a topic that both fascinates and inspires me.  It’s about how we all get through the ups and downs, the sunny and the rainy days, the times we have motivation and the times we don’t.  Faith is an interesting word.  It often brings thoughts of religion.  But I mean faith in a bigger sense.  From what I’ve seen and from the people I’ve met in my life, everyone has faith in something – whether it is religious faith in something greater than we are, or science, or family love, or ourselves, or nature, or other people.  It is with this faith that helps us get through the good and bad times.  It is belief in something that helps to explain the chaos that is the world.

I know I’m talking very generally here, but I guess I’m talking from personal experience as well.  This weekend I had a joint birthday party with my dad at my parents’ house in the country.  There were about 80 people expected to attend, with some staying over and camping out on their property, and we were planning to have it take place mostly outside.  The weather forecast said it was going to rain all weekend.  I told everyone I made a ‘deal’ with Mother Nature that it was allowed to pour rain all day on my actual birthday (which it did so badly the main subway station flooded and the subway was shut down for hours), as long as it would be nice for the party day.  My brother, his girlfriend, my boyfriend and I drove in the pouring rain to my parents’ house on Friday night.  All morning as we were setting up for the party everyone kept saying that it was going to rain, but I kept telling them I had made a deal and it was going to be nice out.  Every forecast said there would be rain, including reports from our friends in Toronto and other neighbouring cities that it was raining all day.  No matter what anyone said, I believed it would be beautiful – and it was.  There was no rain all day until past midnight.  I had faith.

I realized that is just a small blip in the grand scheme of life.  If it had rained, we would have adapted and it would have still been a great celebration because we were with our friends and family that we love and who love us.  And whether it had anything to do with my ‘deal’ with Mother Nature or just a fluke that it happened not to rain over the area we were in when it was raining everywhere around us in Southern Ontario is not really the point.  The point is that I believe in my faith.  I believe in myself.  I believe in the power of Mother Nature.  And that belief makes the ups and the downs easier to understand and to deal with.  I guess I wouldn’t be writing a book if I didn’t have faith that one day I could support myself on my writing alone and that I have something to share with the world.  It’s this faith when all else seems difficult that gets me through from one day to the next.  Well faith, my family, my friends, and a little red wine and chocolate!

10 thoughts on “Four hundred and sixty-four

  1. Great post! There’s a scripture that says, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1) I love that description. Matter of fact, you’d probably love that whole chapter, as it is nothing but a declaration of what people did “by faith”. JM Barrie (the author of Peter Pan) wrote, “The reason birds can fly and we can’t is simply because they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings.” That’s a pretty good way of looking at it too… faith gives you wings to fly. 🙂

  2. Great insight to our most vital means of a happy and fulfilling life. It’s great to have such a smart and insightful daughter.
    This just doesn’t happen on its own either. A supporting family (brother and parents) and the ability to understand lifes bumps in the road by all is so important . Great blog. Love You Dad.

  3. Great Blog and yes we must all have some sort of faith to follow our hopes and dreams. Thanks you for looking after the weather on Saturday. Look forward to each and every one of your blogs and put me down for a copy of your book.

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