Five hundred and thirteen

It’s been awhile since I posted a photographic entry, and since it was the topic chosen by the readers of the blog as my last month, it’s about time I do.  I’m still experimenting with the art of photography, and although I have a lot to learn, I do think my month of taking at least one photo a day helped increase my skills.  I’m often inspired to grab my camera at odd times to take photos of random objects.  Without further ado, here are some I’ve taken recently that interest me:

A stump on my balcony

Flowers from my boyfriend for no reason (I love flowers “just because”)


Beautiful Montebello bathtub and view

Stained glass lamp

4 thoughts on “Five hundred and thirteen

  1. Hey, Lindsay! I love the phots you’ve posted here – I’ll have to go back and look at that month of pictures now, too! Is it just me or did you notice that it almost looks like one of those old monochromed/tin world maps is superimposed on your stump picture? I know if isn’t, but the patterns and stains in the wood make it look that way – VERY cool! And the filtering that you did on the pic of the flowers is beautiful – just wondering, are you getting paid by Dove for that soap placement in the corner? 😉

    • Ha ha. I noticed the Dove bar after I edited the photo. It was at my boyfriend’s mom’s house in Montreal and I was taking photos of the flowers playing around for fun. I didn’t realize I’d be advertising soap as well!

      And I agree about the stump. I love how it looks a little like a map.

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