Five hundred and sixty-three

Algonquin Provincial Park – Part One
Camping and Hiking
(and back to regular Wednesday blogging)

I am in awe of the country I live in sometimes. I’m in awe of Mother Nature and the beautiful things that grow from the ground, float in the waters and soar in the sky.  Last week I went hiking and camping in Algonquin Provincial Park, a huge 2,983 square mile area of wilderness in the south-centre of the province of Ontario.  We went on five hikes over several days.  I took lots of photos.  As it’s autumn, the leaves are changing colour and it’s breathtaking!  We sat on the top of cliffs looking down over a patchwork of reds, yellows, oranges, greens and blues.  I am still humbled by the beauty of it all.

To make up for my missed post last week, and because I love so many of the photos I took, I’m going to post a few photos every day for the next three days.  Here is the first photos of my trip to Algonquin: