Five hundred and ninety-seven

Annoying elevator music and top ten reasons I can’t survive without traveling!

Why is it that when you’re on hold, companies have to play the most annoying music ever?  You have to listen to it, because you’re waiting for the “next available agent”.  Even if you put it on speaker and you keep doing the things you need to, you still have to have the electronic flute with repetitive beat music in the background.  Arg!

I spent the day on the phone with my credit card company (and now my phone company, but that’s a different story), trying to book flights for my upcoming trip to… are you ready for this?… Thailand and Cambodia, with an added-on week in Melbourne to visit my old friends there!!!!!  Oh yes, I am going to Thailand in the new year with a girl friend of mine!  I have always wanted to go and I am so excited!  Can you tell?

I’m feeling silly today (and a little delirious after staring at my computer all day and listening to horrible elevator music on my phone), and in honour of my upcoming trip to Thailand (!!!!!!), I have decided to do a top-ten list of why I can’t live without traveling and seeing the world.  Without further ado:

The Top Tens Reasons I Can’t Live Without Traveling the World

#10 – Life experience was a great selling point on my online dating profile.

#9 – I can say “thank you” in nine languages.  That’s got to count for something, right?

#8 – How else am I going to spend my travel points from my credit card?

#7 – I swear my feet physically get itchy and I go through withdrawal if I don’t take a trip every couple of months – even if it’s just to a neighbouring city.

#6 –  I forget the smell of fresh air and what it feels like in my lungs when I’m stuck in Toronto for too long.

#5 – I love getting hugs and “I missed you!” when I come back.

#4 – I’d rather spend my money on a great experience, new foods, and meeting interesting people than a big screen television.

#3 – Everyone should be able to tell their grandchildren about their “European summer romance”.

#2 – Seeing the world has changed the way I view things, my acceptance of other cultures and understanding different ways of life, and allowed me to meet so many great friends.

And the number one reason I can’t live without traveling is…

#1 – My boring friends have to live vicariously through someone.

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