Six hundred and four

Cooking is more fun drinking red wine!

I learned to cook over the past few years, and I don’t think I’m too bad at it now.  I’ve figured out how to mix ingredients.  I’m really good at a few basics, and am confident to experiment with new ideas.  One thing I have figured out, though, is cooking is more fun while having a glass of wine.  (Not too much wine, of course, or then it’s not pretty.)

I am running around at the moment getting ready for a dinner party I’m having.  I worry I don’t have enough food.  I worry I made too much. Other people are bringing food, so hopefully it works out.  I worry I forgot to clean something.  I worry I won’t be ready in time.  Yes, I know, I worry too much!  My friend just told me to stop being a “mama”!  The glass of wine is helping.  And my apron, which I love.  I feel very 50s housewife in it.

This is going to be a short post, because my kitchen is still a disaster, and I need to finish prepping, get myself ready and beautiful, and then charm my guests.  Ahhhh!  Wish me luck!