Six hundred and thirty-nine

Road trip with mama and America’s capital

Over sixteen hours in a car with my mother and we managed not to kill each other!  Mom is probably reading this and making tsk-ing noises with her mouth, so I’d better set the record straight: we had a wonderful time on our road trip to Gettysburg, PA for my cousin’s wedding, to Reston, VA to visit with family, then finally to Washington, DC to be tourists for a couple of days.  The driving was beautiful, the wedding was fun, it was great to see my American relatives, and Washington DC is one of the prettiest big cities I’ve seen in the States.  Mom and I walked lots, had some fabulous meals, and wandered through some fantastic museums.  I took a lot of photos, but unfortunately the weather in the capital was very foggy the days we were there, so they didn’t turn out as nice as I’d hoped.  Here are a few of our trip that I thought were fun:

My seven year-old cousin's "bow" hair for the wedding

My seven year-old cousin’s “bow” hair for the wedding


Random bird on a bin


I just thought this would make an interesting photo.


FDR memorial

Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall

Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall


The Hope Diamond


Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial


The United States Capitol

Next week I won’t be blogging because of Christmas, so I hope everyone has a great holidays and see you in the new year!

3 thoughts on “Six hundred and thirty-nine

  1. LOVE your photography! LOVE! It really allows us to see things from your perspective. Especially the hair, bird on the bin, and your mom’s tsk tsk (I totally understand). 😀 Happy Holidays to you!

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