Six hundred and fifty-three

Happy New Year!

Instant Infant

I can’t believe it’s 2013 already.  Is that a cliche thing to say?  I hope everyone had a fantastic holidays either celebrating Christmas, or just enjoying the break.  I spent a lot of my holidays talking about how much my mother wants me to have babies and whether I would consider having one on my own through insemination.  Yes, she really is that desperate to have grand babies.  I laughed at her and told her that she’ll just have to deal with whatever it is I choose, and NO, I am not getting artificially inseminated so I can raise a child by myself just for her!  I’m pretty sure my boyfriend would have a problem with this as well.  My aunt got me the “Instant Infant” you see above, so I kept joking that I’m now off the hook and mom should bug my brother and his girlfriend instead.  She was not impressed.

Christmas at the Schwietz household is a busy time of year, with all my aunts, uncles and cousins.  One year I think we had over thirty people for dinner.  This year dad organized a scavenger hunt around their big yard, which included a couple of “shot” stops, a beer, wine and cheese barn party, and scratching a lottery ticket in which I won $20 from!  We have so much fun, but it is a lot of work and energy that left me with a bit of an excitement hangover (literally and emotionally – probably letting my brother mix me a nightcap shot was not the best idea I’ve ever had…).  After the highs of the holidays, it’s easy to feel a little low, but grateful for my family and everything we have.

I don’t really do new year’s resolutions, because I figure we should be doing things we find challenging and living our life in the best way we can all the time, but I do plan to continue to do yoga and eat healthy.  My recuperating from my ups and downs was definitely helped by a little downward dog and cooking a yummy turkey soup.  And then of course my writing and a bit of painting I did with the new paints and easel I got for Christmas from my wonderful man.

I’m not really sure of my point for today’s post, if only to wish everyone a wonderful year.  I am grateful for every day I have and every thing in my life – the challenges and the triumphs.  Now I just have to get this book published so I can really celebrate 2013!

I’ve been on a bit of a photography kick recently, so here are a few I took over the holidays.  I hope you like them.

Bird house

Baby's First Christmas

Yes, this was mine from when I was a baby!

Camel on tree

Christmas Eve Cosmo

Christmas Eve Cosmo

Fireplace Angel family

5 thoughts on “Six hundred and fifty-three

  1. I can sympathized. My mom used to get me “Grow a Boyfriend” kit each year for Christmas. I would try to convince them that the only reason I needed a boyfriend was to reach stuff real high up, take the trash out, and to open up jars. They hated me for many years. They give up eventually.

    • That is great! A “grow a boyfriend” kit is a new one for me. Oh, mothers really do love to try to pressure their daughters. My mother is getting impatient at this point, but I know she only does it because she loves me and she wants what she thinks is best. And of course the “grand babies” thing!

  2. Gorgeous photos! Glad you had a good holiday. I did too, but there’s certainly that comedown after spending that much time with family… My sister got engaged recently, so hopefully mom will turn her dreams of grandchildren towards her for now, rather than me – the eldest. It buys me a little time 🙂

    • Thanks! I’ve been trying to convince my brother and his girlfriend to get engaged so the pressure is off me, but it’s not happening. Let me know if it works and I’ll try to pressure them more 🙂

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