Six hundred and seventy-four

The Life of a Traveler
Life lesson #3:
Be prepared

Somewhere in England.

Somewhere in England.

I know in my previous two travel posts I talked about how much I’ve learned to take things in stride, enjoy the unexpected, and explore the path less-traveled.  I am totally for this, but I also hinted at the idea of being prepared and safe.  It’s important to do my research about the place I’m traveling to, learn a bit of the language, the customs, the Canadian Embassy’s phone number.  A friend of mine has a website called and she has a fantastic list of things to do before you leave, including: calling your credit card company and bank so they don’t freeze your account when they see them being used in a foreign country; photocopying your visa and passport;  packing so you don’t carry everything important in the same place; and bringing hand sanitizer (full list here).  I’m also a big believer in packing basic medical supplies and medication in case you get sick or hurt.

Being a woman and traveling also means I have to be very aware of my safety.  I don’t drink things given to me by strangers, I walk with confidence and avoid places I feel uncomfortable.  I leave an itinerary or keep my family informed of where I’m going to be just in case I go missing.  I also make sure I know what is appropriate clothing to wear in the country I am in.

I use these same skills at home.  Safety is important.  And my friends do always say I keep far too many things in my purse “just in case”. As much as I love to be spontaneous, I also want to stay alive and comfortable, so it’s important to be prepared.

I’m all packed and ready to go for my trip to Thailand, Cambodia and Melbourne, Australia.  I leave Friday and won’t be back for a month.  I will try to post something on the blog while I’m away.  If not, I will see you all at the end of February!

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