Seven hundred and two

Back from my month in Thailand, Cambodia and Australia!

I can hear the wet snow hit the window and my socks are still slightly damp from the tiny leak in my winter boots that caused the ankle-high slush outside to seep in.  It’s quite the difference from the sweltering heat I was in last week, but I’m still glad to be home, snow and all.  Not that I didn’t have an amazing time, but four weeks away from my man and my own bed was a long time.

There’s always something about coming home that is comforting.  As much as I love the excitement of traveling, learning about different cultures, and changing hotel rooms every few days (well, maybe not the latter as much), home and routine is just as wonderful.  When my boyfriend came to pick me up at the airport, after the airline lost my luggage on my connection in Tokyo and I’d flown eighteen hours having hardly slept, the comfort of having his arms around me made it all better.  I’ve been back since Sunday afternoon and I’ve been back to work, got all my laundry done, have caught up on a few emails and phone calls, and snuggled a lot with my bf, all with a little jet lag butt-kicking haze.  Nothing exciting, but just perfect, especially with this crazy storm going on.


Of course I have so many stories and inspirations I’ve returned with.  Although very touristy, Thailand and Cambodia were beautiful, the food was fantastic, the people were lovely (once we got past the “please give us money or spend money here” dance).  We traveled from Bangkok to Phuket to Ko Phi Phi Don, back to Phuket, then on to Ko Samui, Ko Phangan and Ko Tao, up north to Chiang Mai, south to Siem Reap, and back to Bangkok.  I finished off my trip with a week visiting friends in Melbourne, Australia, where I used to live.

We fed and bathed elephants, had fish bite the dead skin off our feet (which I found incredibly ticklish), learned to cook Thai food, ate rice out of a pineapple and drank watermelon “fruit smoothies”, had the best massages ever, played a crazy shoe game with Cambodian kids, snorkeled with sharks and fish surrounding us, rode a longtail boat a few times, relaxed on the beach, went on 5 ferries, 15 flights and countless tuk tuks and cabs.  We saw breathtaking temple ruins in Angkor Wat, ornate Buddhist temples throughout Thailand, and the majestic Grand Palace in Bangkok.  We learned lots about the history and culture and met some fascinating people.  And at the end I got to spend time with old friends that brightened my day.  I am so fortunate that I had this opportunity and am grateful for every moment I had.  It was a trip I will never forget.


I took quite a few photos, but haven’t had the chance to sort them all out.  On this post are a few from our first couple of days.  I will post more soon.  Photos don’t really do it justice, though.  It was beautiful!


4 thoughts on “Seven hundred and two

  1. Welcome home! Your trip sound Amazing Race-ish… Maybe without the rush, and no million dollars. But an experience like that is a priceless opportunity! Can’t wait to hear more as you process it all.

    “Home us the nicest word there is.” – Laura Ingalls Wilder

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