Seven hundred and nine

Thailand and Cambodia photos

Part One: People

It is so hard to sort through twelve hundred photos and pick my favourites to share (the joy and annoyance of digital photography).  I know I have to, though.  We’ve all had to suffer through long slide shows of holiday photos, where we are forced to look at multiple shots of the exact same thing, from every different angle with some out of focus, because the photographer thought it best to include every single photo they took.  Or worse, when someone puts online six hundred photos of their recent trip, most of them duds, because they “didn’t have time to sort through them”.  Well, we don’t have time to sort through your stupid photos either!  I am partially joking, just in case that isn’t clear through the keyboard, but they say there is usually a truth in every joke.  I love to see my friend’s photos and will sit through six hundred photos, but I’d much rather see their favourite one hundred.  My ooo-ing and ahhh-ing will be way more genuine in those first one hundred, then in the last five hundred!

That being said, I must practice what I preach.  I am in process of whittling down to one hundred of my favourites to share with my friends and family over Facebook, and I’ve chosen thirty to share on the blog.  I’ve divided them into three categories that I will put up over the next couple of weeks.  Part one is “people”.  I hope you like them!


Cambodian children, Ankor area.


Fire-thrower on the beach on Ko Tao, Thailand.


A monk on Baphuon temple, Ankor Thom, Cambodia


Motorcycles in Siem Reap, Cambodia


Painting umbrellas at the Sunday market, Chiang Mai, Thailand


Security guard at the top of Ankor Wat temple, Cambodia.


A tuk-tuk driver having a nap in Ankor area, Cambodia.


Street bartending at Bophut Fisherman Village night market, Ko Samui, Thailand.


Two tuk-tuk drivers taking a break, Chiang Mai, Thailand.


On the beach on Bamboo Island, near Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailand (and yes, that is me).  Credit for this photo goes to my wonderful traveling companion, BMT.