Seven hundred and twenty-three

Thailand and Cambodia photos

Part Three: Food, the City and a Monkey

It was a difficult decision, but for my third and final post about my favourite photos I took while traveling in Thailand and Cambodia, I chose to focus on food and the city (and a monkey for good luck).  The food there was amazing, especially the street food.  We often had fresh Pad Thai or banana chocolate pancakes (my favourite) made in front of us on a cart on the sidewalk or at a market on the street.  And as much as I loved the beaches and the islands, the cities have a certain beauty about them as well.  I hope you like the photos!

Curry in a coconut near Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Banana pancakes in Siem Reap, Cambodia



Cocktails at one of our dinners in Ko Samui

Bar out of a van on a street in Bangkok


My travel companion making Pad Thai at our cooking class in Chiang Mai

How can I not end with a cheeky monkey?!

How can I not end with a cheeky monkey?!