Seven hundred and thirty


I couldn’t resist putting in one last photo of Thailand.  It’s so beautiful it almost looks fake.  Alas, I am back to my restaurant job serving beer and nachos in a kilt; the cold weather; the realization that I wasn’t picked for the Amazing Race Canada (sigh); and some very exciting news… My boyfriend and I are moving in together!  It’s a big step and one that makes me both happy and scared.  I have lived with two other boyfriends in the past, but this seems different.  The other two were while living in another country or for convenience and I was young.  This is meant as a step towards a more permanent part in each other’s lives (!!!!).  I am so confident in our relationship, but combining two very independent lives into one home is a challenge.  I will keep you posted on the struggles and triumphs, but for now I just want to bask in my own glow of happiness.

(Let me pause while I try to stop smiling enough to concentrate on typing the rest of this blog… Oh screw it, I can’t stop smiling!  I’m going to enjoy these moments, because once we start the heavy lifting I might be regretting my decision!)

Although I do miss the warmth and beauty of my adventures abroad, I’m happy to be back into the routine a little bit.  I’m working on final edits to the book and hopefully meeting with my agent soon to push even harder to get this thing published.  I’ve also started working more on a fiction book I’ve been writing in my spare time.  Writing is an escape and de-stresser for me, so why not try some fiction.  I’m convinced I will be able to support myself with my writing, one way or another!

I’m also trying to figure out what direction I want to go with this blog.  Concentrate on photography?  Continue to do the “mixed bag” thing I’ve been doing?  Start another social experiment project?  If anyone has any suggestions, ideas, things they like or don’t like, please let me know.

This post is a bit all over the place, I realize.  I’ve just arrived in Montreal after a six hour drive and am feeling very restless and wanting to be up and walking.  I will leave it at that for today.  I hope everyone who celebrates Easter has a wonderful time this weekend!