Three hundred and fifty-six

“Metro Theatre”

My most notorious post and the one experience that shook me to the core.  I can still remember the feeling of the men moving towards me in the theatre with the giant black leather corseted woman having sex on the huge screen.  I remember the words of caution from the cashier, the peeling and sticky vinyl seats, the sound of the belt buckles… shiver.

The one of few remaining old-time adult cinema’s in Canada will always give me the creeps. But it’s an encounter I will never forget!

Day ninety

The chillin date

The Suit took me to this to make me feel better

I showed up to my movie date half asleep, fighting a cold, hardly any makeup on and comfy clothes.  It’s been such a long week -working forty-one hours at the pub, while trying to date, see two concerts, go to my friend’s going away party, catch up with girlfriends and blog every day.  My body was not happy with me and starting to shut down.

I was late and disheveled when I showed up.  I was falling asleep on my feet.  The Suit was a perfect gentleman, as always, and took care of me from the minute we met up.  He already had the movie tickets bought, guided me to the theatre, where I sat down and he went and got us popcorn, Junior mints and a big Icee.  The Suit said I could fall asleep during the movie, if I wanted – that he would be ok with that.  Bridesmaids was the perfect choice, as it revived me with its gross-out humour mixed with romantic comedy/girlfriend comedy moments.

After the film, he bought us iced coffees and he walked me down to King Street, where we sat on some covered steps (it was raining by then) and talked about dating and the blog (he’s an avid reader).  We talked about how I was feeling, and I vented a little about some of the things going on that are driving me crazy.  It was absolutely the perfect date for how I was feeling and I thank him so much for making me feel better from start to finish.

How am I feeling?

I am pretty sick of dating at the moment.  It’s not that the dates aren’t good, or that I’m not having a good time while I’m on them, but it’s the planning and trying to fit it all into my life and work schedule.  And there’s a lot of drama involved – emotions are there.  I just want some time to myself to assess how I’m feeling and to fight off this cold that keeps trying to surface (I am not letting it!).

The other day while I was on the streetcar, I wrote a bit about my mental state:

“The more I date, the less I want to date.  Not just the less I want to go on dates, but also the less I want to be in a relationship.  I went into this month wanting to find a partner, and I leave not wanting anything serious from anyone.  Am I not ready to be in a relationship?  Or have I just not found the right person?  I do miss the intimacy of being with one partner and developing a relationship, but I’m very confused.  How can there be so many awesome guys and yet I don’t want to date?  Dating has almost lost it’s excitement.  It’s become normal and routine.”

I’m a little more positive now than I was those few days ago when I wrote this, but it’s important to show my ups and downs throughout this experience.  Time and rest will put a better perspective on how I feel about my month and want I really want, and I can’t wait for June 1st to arrive (31 dates ends with my 31st birthday).


Another set-up by a friend, with an Aussie!  I’m actually looking forward to this one, despite the fact that he asked my friend whether I would pay…

Day forty

A live hardcore punk band accompanies a 1920’s silent film, in an underground cinema in the middle of Chinatown.

That’s what I experienced this evening – and I mean experienced, not watched.  This was a one-time event for the Images Festival (Toronto’s annual spring celebration of experimental and independent moving image culture – the largest festival of its kind in North America).  The audience was as much a part of the event, as the band and the film operators were.

West of Zanzibar

As West of Zanzibar – the 1928 silent film starring Lon Chaney- played on the big screen at the Toronto Underground Cinema, five members of Toronto’s hardcore punk band Fucked Up accompanied what was happening on the screen.

It was definitely an interesting experiment, although I’m not sure it always worked.  Hardcore punk isn’t a type of music that has many nuances, and the lack of soft moments was noticeable.  That being said, there was one lovely moment where the band softly imitated bugs as they scurried across the screen.  It must be a challenge for a band to accompany a silent film.  And I enjoyed the event, if only because it was an experience I probably won’t ever have again.

The Images Festival closed this evening, but there are still many installations around Toronto that you can see.  Take a look at their website for more info.