Two hundred and seventeen

“You can cheat.  Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone.” – my mother on our way to lunch yesterday with the family.  “Mom, that defeats the purpose.  If I’m going to be vegan for a month, I can’t just cheat whenever finding vegan food is inconvenient.” – my response.  Finding a restaurant where my meat-eating family can enjoy their bacon and eggs and I can have a non-meat, non-dairy brunch was hard, but not as hard as I thought.  Luckily, living in the west end of Toronto there are a lot of restaurants that offer vegan options on their menu.  Although, my tofu scramble didn’t look or taste as good as the eggs benedict or the french toast.  And having toast without butter is really dry.

I’m on day three of being vegan and although I feel like I’m eating more to keep myself from feeling hungry, most of the things I’m consuming are healthier and pretty tasty (especially the home-cooked stuff).  I’ve been eating lots of veggies and fruit, quinoa, chickpeas, hummus and whole grain crackers.  Grocery shopping was a bit of a challenge, as it took far longer to read every label to see if it was vegan.  I’m definitely going to have to shop more in specialty stores or do some research on what products don’t have dairy or eggs in them (meat is pretty easy to spot).  I haven’t started craving cheese or chicken yet, though, which is good, but there has been no change in how I feel physically or emotionally (I’m sure that will take some time).

I posted on Facebook that I was starting vegan month and I was surprised and pleased by the response I got.  More of my friends are vegan than I knew about and I was offered lots of tips, tricks, ideas of places to shop and recipes.  I will be using all these to help me through my month and sharing them.  Thanks guys!