Three hundred and fifty-three

Music photography

One of the reoccurring characters in my blog is Big Brother Bass (aka Mr. Jason O’Brien).  He taught me to play the double bass, he was one of my dates during date month where we went to an amazing concert together, he shared his first kiss story with us in September, and he is one of my very good friends.  Ms. Rhonda Stakich has been a huge supporter and a great friend throughout this past year as well.  They are also both amazingly talented musicians.

Which brings me to my photos for today.  Last night Rhonda played her beautiful folk jazz music at the famous Toronto jazz bar, The Rex.  She was accompanied by Jason on the bass and Tim Shia on the drums.

What I love about digital cameras is I can take a hundred photos to find the perfect ones.  Capturing the emotion and song of a musician in a still image is difficult.  There’s something so gratifying when you get the right shot, though.  I hope I did them justice in the following photos:

“Ms. Rhonda Stakich and Big Brother Bass”

Rhonda Stakich and Jason O'Brien, The Rex, February 15, 2012

Rhonda Stakich and Jason O'Brien, The Rex, February 15, 2012

Rhonda Stakich, The Rex, February 15, 2012

Jason O'Brien, The Rex, February 15, 2012

Go to Rhonda’s My Space page to hear some of her wonderful music.  She’s going to be big very soon, so then you can say you “knew her when”.  And click here for the Elastocitizens My Space – one of Jason’s many other projects (you can read about more of his work on the other posts).

Day sixty-four

The last-minute set-up

The Pirate, a self potrait

I was a little disappointed when The Pirate (as my friend Sarah has nicknamed him) showed up without a parrot or a Mexican accent (see day sixty-three “Tonight”).  I was really looking forward to the looks on my workmates’ faces when he showed up to the work party to pick me up with a bird on his shoulder!  Instead, though, he did make a grand entrance into the ring of friends starring at him: “I’m the experiment.  Nice to meet you.”  As I walked out the door with the date I just met, I was actually a little nervous.  Not often do I have a friend of mine set me up on a date last minute, out of desperation – not really the best foot to start on! I hope he doesn’t think this is a waste of his time.  And with my energy level already low (I know, I’m only two dates in, I don’t know how I’m going to make it through this month!), I was worried I’d drag him down with me.

Within a couple of minutes I knew I had nothing to worry about.  Full of energy, a curiosity about life, and a fellow writer, we had plenty to talk about.  And his enthusiasm was contagious.  Despite being tired and devastated by the election results, I somehow gained a second wind and skipped along side him, occasionally jumping on a bench and observing the speed camera neither of us had ever noticed was on the corner of Queen and John, or listening to a story about the spectacular fall he had in a mall that had him flip in the air, land on his feet, and somehow no one noticed.  We ended up at The Rex and watched the Toronto Jazz Orchestra’s tribute to Canadian composers.  We talked about writing (he also keeps a pen and pad of paper on him at all times, because, as he says, “writer’s write”), my secret desire to be a spy (I bet you didn’t know that about me), super powers, politics, dating, and photography (which turned into some pretty silly photo taking).  As we skipped along holding hands, a hug and kiss on the cheek, and then I ran for the streetcar, I knew I made an amazing new friend who has inspired me to enjoy life to the fullest.


If it stops raining by 6:30pm, I am being picked up on a motorcycle to spin around town!  The rain just won’t seem to let up, though, so plan B most likely will have to come into effect.  Stay tuned tomorrow for the results of date three!


I was asked to make a guest blog comment on Squigg’s Culinary Adventures (thoughts/philosophy/recipes/menus/rants/reviews about his culinary adventures) about the brunch I had with Robin Squiggy Dutt this morning.  Click here to check it out.