Day ninety-two


It’s 3:00 am and I just got home from work after a 14.5 hour very busy shift at the pub.  I had originally been working a day shift and said I would help out for a couple of hours because of the nice weather (our patio gets busy).  Well fourteen and a half hours later, I was finally finished.  My date for the day was pushed back – luckily he works with me and got called in to work, so we managed to have a quick date/beer together at the end of our shift.  My plan to write this afternoon, when I was supposed to be done work, didn’t happen.  Hence me writing this at now 3:18am, very tired and celebrating the start of my birthday with a glass of wine.  Today’s post will not win me a Pulitzer Prize.

The house date

The Makeup Artist's family recipe for butter chicken!

I can’t wait for next month, when The Makeup Artist said he will teach me how to cook his mom’s butter chicken recipe for International Cooking month (and I will post the recipe).  It was so delicious.  He had me over to his house, where he cooked lunch, we caught up (it’s been awhile since we’ve seen each other – we met while working together at a theatre company years ago), and he showed me his photos from Sri Lanka, where he spent a couple of months doing prosthetics and makeup for a film.  After lunch, he took me for gelato on a patio in the sunshine.

I wish I had both the energy and the brain power at the moment to write more about my date with The Makeup Artist.  He is so lovely and it was exactly what I needed – a hang out at his house, home-cooked food, and good conversation (sprinkled with some silly).  I love a guy who can cook.  Right now, though, I think my poetic prose is lacking and sleep is coming very soon.

Side topic that has nothing to do with my date, but wanted to fit in: More on open relationships

I couldn’t get my open relationship pal from OkCupid to agree to me posting his comments about open relationships (he hasn’t responded yet and I’m running out of time – guess I’ll have to save it for the book). I’ve talked a lot about the concept of open relationships, though, and many people seem fascinated by the concept.  So for your information:  click here to watch a video I found of Sex Matters on CTV – interview with the owners of Wicked and a tour of “Toronto’s First Hedonistic On-Premise Club. The club provides a safe, erotic environment where you can live out your sexual fantasies no matter how wild or how mild! ”


My final date! Woo hoo! (Well, I guess you already know how that went)  I can’t believe I made it through 31 days of dating.