One hundred eighty-nine

My other favourite first kiss story from Rib Fest weekend:

Gary’s first ever kisses (as much of the story as I remember, as it was told while having a few drinks and discussing the blog and the group of people around me’s first kiss stories)…

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“I remember my first kiss,” says Gary laughing, with his hands extended above his head in excitement.  “I must have been about six years old and there was a big field in behind my house.  I was friends with the girl who was my neighbour on the one side.  She would stand at the one end of the field and call me over.  I would run across the yard to her and she would kiss me.  Then her friend (that I didn’t know), who was standing on the other side of the yard, would call me and I would run over to her.  She would kiss me.  This continued back and forth for some time and that is how is had my first kisses!”

Who kissed who?

As my aunt was telling me her first kiss story with her husband – she was tired of waiting, he was too shy and a gentleman, so she got out of the car, walked him to his door and kissed him – she thought it would be interesting to see how many women make the first move when it comes to first kisses.  So, starting now I will be taking a poll of which sex is the one that jumps into the smooch first.

One hundred and eighty-eight

As I said yesterday, I am spending the weekend with my family and friends in Ohio at our yearly family “Rib Fest”.  Speaking to the nearly fifty people here about their first kiss stories has been amazing.  From the girl kissing the boy because she was tired of waiting, to a friend kissing a friend which turned into an over-fifty-year-long marriage, I have heard some beautiful stories and learned more about my family and extended family.  It’s also really fun because it has made people reminisce and share stories they might not have done on their own. 

Because of all these great tales, I’ve decided to change a little the premise of this month.  I am now asking people to share their best “first” kiss story.  It could be their very first kiss, or their funniest first kiss, or their first kiss with the love of their life.  Whatever they think is most important.  This will be more entertaining for me and for you to read, and many people forget their very first kiss.

From this weekend, I have two favourite stories.  The first I will tell today is from an anonymous source because she doesn’t want everyone to know it is her (although I’m pretty sure most of them have heard the story before…).  The second I will tell tomorrow. 

How Anon (code name) met her husband…

Anon was a party girl who enjoyed a few (well, actually quite a few) beverages in her day.  One morning she woke up from a keg party a friend had hosted and her friends told her she had kissed a random man the night before.  She didn’t remember anything – not what he looked like or even how she got home.  And although she enjoyed her booze, she didn’t ever kiss men during her escapades, so it was a shock to her that it had happened the night before.  Her friends couldn’t provide too many more details, so she let it go and continued with her life.

About a month later she attended another keg party at the same friend’s house with her same friends accompanying her.  She once again had a few too many drinks and the next thing she knew she was waking up in the morning in her bed at home.  She looked to her side and found a strange man in the bed next to her.  She was wearing all her clothes and her boots, so she knew nothing more had happened than just sleep.  She turned to the man and said: “You seem really nice, but I have no idea who you are or how you got here”. 

Six years later they were married at a gorgeous ceremony in a barn and six more years later they are still happily married and telling me the story of their first few kisses – none of which Anon can remember!

One hundred and eighty-seven

In honour of my premier smooch (and that I’m partying in Ohio with my family today), I have a guest post – I asked my first kiss what his first kiss story was.  He responded with two stories: his first peck and his first real kiss (neither as romantic as our first kiss together, in my opinion!)…

My First Kiss by Keven Albers (Keval)

Well let’s see…If I were to think back and indeed I would need to think way way back, I remember my first ever kiss being with a girl who lived next door to me ( the girl next door). I was probably around six and she was… well I know she was older, taller and most likely prettier than me, but if I were to guess her age she could have been eight or so, the point being she knew more about kissing then I did. I used to live in a townhouse complex that had apartments on the very top of the townhouses, and it was in the stairwell from the ground level to the apartments that she and I did the deed. We stood real close together and I had to go on my tippy-toes and she bent forward and our lips meet. Now being that I was an amateur kisser, I did not realize I was to close my eyes as we face planted each other. Although everything was a blur I could see she had her eyes closed while mine were open. Now that I think of it, it reminds me a bit of the movie poster “Eyes Wide Shut” where Nicole Kidman is looking in another direction while going in for a kiss with Tom Cruise…hmmm I guess this explains why her and I never lasted longer than that first kiss.

My second first kiss…Well, being that I was only six or so when I first kissed a girl (her idea) that was more like training wheels for sucking face, but my real first kiss did not come until eleven years later with a girl named Nicole. I was seventeen and Nicole was my first real girlfriend (yep I had a bit of a lull between the girl next door and Nicole), however it was one of our first dates and the night had ended so Nicole dropped me off at my apartment building.  Just before I was to exit the car we kissed (her idea)…this time I closed my eyes, and I felt a tingling sensation all over my body, my heart pounded, time stood still. Her soft moist lips contacted mine, connecting me with a woman for the first time in a way I had never felt before. Now I believe it was only a goodnight kiss but I was euphoric and thunderstruck and I was hooked on kissing girls from there on in.