Day nine

Amazing Shoppers Drug Mart shop today!  I usually can’t go in there without spending $50 on things I don’t need.

This is what I bought today (and what I saved!):

Gillette Sensor Razors – regularly $10.99, on sale for $7.99, plus $2 off coupon = $5.99 (I actually had to buy the guy razors because of my coupon, but they can’t be that different from the girl ones, right?)
Advil Tablets – I forgot to check, but I think they are regularly around $5, on sale for $3.99, plus $2 off coupon I got online that expired today = $1.99
Degree antiperspirant – regularly approximately $5 (I forgot to check too), on sale for $3.49, plus $0.50 off coupon given to me by my friend Sarah = $2.99
Lindt Petits Desserts – regularly $5.49, plus manager coupon found in store for $2 off = $3.49

I also had a $20 off gift card/coupon that I got for free a couple of weeks ago for using my Shoppers Optimum Card (their loyalty points card) and spending over $50 (Shoppers has many deals like that if you use your card – including bonus points, free gas cards, gift cards to restaurants, etc.  Keep your eyes out for the deals in their weekly flyer.  They are usually only available for one of two days and you have to spend a minimum amount to get the deal.)  I used this $20 to buy things I didn’t have coupons for, but needed or wanted (in the case of the chocolate):

2 x Oasis Orange Juice – on sale for 2 for $5 = $5
Brown eggs – $2.99 (Shoppers has great prices for eggs, although they don’t have free range eggs which concerns me as I don’t enjoy eating tons of hormones – but if I want eggs this month I just have to suck it up and eat these!) = $2.99
Nativa Organic Chocolate Bars – regularly $2.79 each, on sale for 2 for $4 = $4
Birthday card for my friend – $3.69 = $3.69

Total before savings including tax: approximately $47.44 (approximately because I don’t know the exact before-sale prices of some of the items)

What I paid after sales, coupons and $20 off free gift card: $13.86!

Total savings: $33.58!


On a relevant note, I got my Cineplex Scene card in the mail today.  It’s Cineplex’s rewards program that you can earn points for free movies, music, and other things online at  You get a hundred points for every movie ticket you buy, and with 1,000 points you get a free movie ticket – that’s one free movie every ten tickets you buy.  And you get 10% off concessions (which is great, because movie concessions are so ridiculously over-priced!).  It’s free to join too.  I sound like I’m on their publicity team, but I really am excited about it.

If you generally shop at the same places, loyalty cards are great ways to get free things.  And everyone loves free things!