Day twenty-nine

Lots of exciting things have happened today in my Extreme Couponing world that I’m going to share!  It is both great and a little scary that after a month of couponing I now get really excited when I find a good deal or learn something new about coupons…

Price matching

Today I price matched for the first time.  Many of the larger grocery and superstores (ie. Walmart, Zellers, Canadian Tire) will price match products with other stores, so you can buy the product from their store at the same price as elsewhere.  It was super easy too!  I went into Walmart today on purpose to test out price matching.  They have Raisin Bran for $4.95, but No Frills has a sale for the same box for $2.  I brought the No Frills flyer and the cereal to the checkout, showed them both to the cashier and I got the cereal for $2 – saving myself $2.95!  It’s a great way to get all your groceries in one spot, but get the savings from all the different stores.

Smart Source

Another first – my grandmother gave me my first Smart Source today!  Smart Source is a coupon insert you can find in many newspapers across Canada once or twice a month (in Toronto they are in the National Post, the Toronto Sun and The Toronto Star).  They have great coupons.  Included in this month’s insert: a mail-in rebate for a free Lysol No-Touch hand soap system and buy-one-get-one-free Mars chocolate bar, among other high value coupons!  The next one to come out is April 16, so look out for it.

General Mills

When I wrote about coupon marketing a couple of days ago, I mentioned how most companies keep their coupon strategies to themselves.  Well today I got a phone call from Catherine Jackson from General Mills Canada Corporation who kindly told me a little about how their company uses coupons.  From a marketing perspective, General Mills’ primary goal in issuing coupons is an opportunity for customers to be able to try their new products for a reduced price.  New products are an unknown and a coupon will reduce this risk of testing out new items.  Most often General Mills issues coupons online through the mail-order coupon website  According to Ms. Jackson, coupons are a very important program for General Mills.

Although this is not new information, it is nice that someone from one of the larger companies in Canada could comment on their reasons for issuing coupons.

My New Site Design!

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