Five hundred and forty-two


Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about gratitude.  As I get older, grow and change, I realize more and more the importance of being thankful for things that I have.  At the end of my yoga class today (I’m still doing yoga, left over from vegan month) I listed in my head some of the things I am grateful for: my family; friends; the fact that I have a job when so many others don’t; that I live in Canada where I can speak my mind and have many social services if I need to use them; my health; my brain; my ability to write; my working body (I had just finished yoga, so my body was on my mind).  I have been accused of being a hippy from time to time, and doing yoga while thinking of the things I’m thankful for is probably one of the reasons why.  I don’t think you have to be a hippy to feel gratitude, though.  Gratitude is a huge part of many religions and belief systems.  Thinking about those things that we are happy about make it easier to deal with the things we aren’t happy about and accept the things we can’t change.  I watched a video today by actress Amy Poehler answering a question about how to deal when we feel down about our bodies.  She gives some of the best advice I’ve ever heard, saying to be grateful for the things you love about your body and concentrate on those.  Here’s the video:

As I said earlier, there are many big things I’m grateful for, but there are also lots of little things.  I know many people have written books about the little things, but I thought for today’s weekly post I would share a few of the little things I’m thankful for.  I don’t think there can ever be too much gratitude in the world!

The few of the little things I’m thankful for:

  • When a friend calls me up out of the blue at the exact time when I really needed a friend
  • The ray of sunshine that comes in through my bedroom window in the mornings
  • A cuddle from my always warm boyfriend when I’m always cold
  • The moment when, although I will always be their “little girl”, I knew my parents thought of me as an adult
  • The smell of fresh air when I leave the city
  • A deep and unexpected conversation with a stranger that opens my mind to different possibilities
  • The feeling when I know I am in the exact right place I should be
  • Farmers’ markets
  • Riding my bike in the warm rain
  • The firemen who came to check up on a water leak on an electrical panel and flood at my work (this really did happen on Monday night)
  • The feeling of getting to the end of a book, not wanting it to be over, then finding out it is part of a trilogy
  • The opportunity to follow my dreams
  • My new age and creative friends who won’t let my logical brain completely take over and make decisions
  • My logical brain for not letting the creative side take over either
  • My brother for calling me yesterday when he was at the grocery to see if I needed anything, then buying me grapes just when I had a craving for them
  • The ability to get lost in a city, explore, then find my way again
  • The taste of a perfectly ripe tomato
  • Dark chocolate right before a certain time of the month (I’m sure this is on most women’s lists) – actually any time
  • Sitting on a patio, enjoying the last of the summer (And this is where I’m off to now.  I hope everyone has a fabulous day!)

Three hundred and sixty-five

A big thank you to my supporters

This is a MAJOR thank you to all my supporters out there over the past year.  I really couldn’t have done it without you.  Whether you are people I know – friends, family, co-workers, or friends of friends of friends.  Or you’re people I’ve never met who’ve found the blog somehow and are entertained by it.

Each of you have a role in the success of this past year.  Some of you have helped out – held a camera, took me to a pottery class, forced me to practice stand-up comedy (this is still going to happen – I promise), went on a date with me, ate weird food, held me up on an escalator when I was too tired to keep my eyes open.  Some of you have been put into the blog without you knowing ahead of time and have laughed about it.  Some of you have commented, or in some cases debated, to add more depth to the topic of the day.  Some of you I’ve been hurt by and some I have hurt (and I’m deeply sorry to those people).  Some have made me smile and feel so loved.  Some of you have followed along my journey and each “view” that I see on my blog encourages me even more.

My mother will probably kill me for this photo, but as she’s on holiday right now, I won’t hear it right away.  This is the look she gives me when she ends up in the blog – again.  Probably the same look the Jackass** parents give their kids when they involve them in a prank!  Love you, mom!

** I talked about falling down the rabbit hole of research the other day and here’s a perfect example.  While looking up Jackass online I came across this:

A Montana man named Jack Ass has sued MTV’s parent company, accusing the music channel of “plagiarizing” and “defaming” his good name in connection with the show “Jackass.”

The 44-year-old Ass, who legally changed his name from Bob Craft in 1997, is seeking at least $10 million from Viacom, which Ass contends is “liable for injury to a reputation I have built and defamation of character I have created.” (

There are some interesting people in our world.  (Apparently he changed his name to raise awareness for drunk driving, after his brother and friend were killed in a vehicle accident. )

Tomorrow is my last post of the project, but don’t fear, I will still be updating the blog at least once weekly, plus you’ll have the book to look forward to!