Day eighty-nine

The girl date

The Girlfriends

No, this is not a lesbian date (or a threesome date if you look at the photo above), although I had considered going on one of those to complete my range of different kinds of dates.  This is a priority girl’s lunch.  Sometimes you need to put your friends above your dates, and as my one friend is moving away and yesterday was the last time I’ll see her in awhile, I canceled the coffee date I arranged with a single man to spend time with the girls.  Dating someone who always puts dating first over their friends and family would not be attractive.  Having a wide range of interests and people in your life who you love and who love you are extremely important.

I did, however, manage to make it to an amazing concert (hanging out with a bunch of single guys – “group date”?) at the Horseshoe Tavern after work – The Elastocitizens!  I took a photo with my phone – do you recognize the blurry bass player in the back right?  It’s Big Brother Bass from day thirty-nine.  At the concert, I ran into a guy I hadn’t seen in awhile, who both walked me partially home and is now going cook me lunch as my Monday date.  So, in essence, I picked up.

Not too exciting of a dating day, but everyone needs a little break and a chat with their friends to cope with the drama of dating!

The Elastocitizens at the Horseshoe.

Social Clubs

Speaking of group dates, there are quite a few social clubs and singles nights that could be a great way to meet other single people.  I was meaning to go to a singles event (besides speed dating) during this month, but they always happened when I was scheduled to work, or they were sold out (sign up early, as that tends to happen).  Here are a few that might be of interest in Toronto:


Chilling after a long week at the movies with The Suit (I can’t imagine he will wear a suit to the movies, though).