MARCH 2011 – Extreme Couponing

For the first month of my experiment I will use a coupon for everything that I spend money on.  That means if I don’t have a coupon, I can’t buy it.  Everything from milk to shampoo to underwear will have to be bought with a coupon.  But can I buy everything I need this way?  Will I save money?  Will I buy things I don’t need because I have a coupon for it? Where do I find coupons?


APRIL 2011 – 30 Days of Art

How important is art in our lives? Will participating in creative experiences every day influence how I feel?  What forms of art will affect me the most?  Will a life drawing class increase my hand-eye coordination?  Can a salsa class change the way I move in daily life?  The month of April I will spend exploring my artistic side – from pole dancing, to sewing, to being part of a flash mob dance for International Dance Day.


MAY 2011 – 31 Days, 31 Dates

In honour of all the single city folk out there who are finding it hard to find love, I will examine as many different ways of meeting other singles as I can with thirty-one days of dates.  From online, to speed dating, to being set-up, to dating a friend, I will spend each day exploring what it’s like to seriously date in the city.  As many friends have pointed out, this will be exhausting but has the makings of a blockbuster romantic comedy.


JUNE 2011 – Cooking 30 Countries

After a rough month of dating I’m going to want to eat – a lot.  In such a diverse city as Toronto, why not explore culinary culture from around the world and eat something from a different country each day?  All the recipes that I cook I will post for you to try out, as well as the history of the food and the culture it comes from.


JULY 2011 – Only Online Purchases

Is it really easier to buy things online and have them delivered to your door?  Will I save time? Money? Or will it be more stressful and difficult to find the items I need?  Everything I spend money in this month will be purchased online.  I will share all the websites I use and break down the ins and outs of online shopping.