The Months

MARCH 2011 – FEBRUARY 2012

These are the topics I will be exploring during the year.  To follow along during each month, click on the topic below, or select the month from the drop down menu on the homepage on the right-hand side entitled “Monthly Experiments”.

MARCH 2011 – Extreme Couponing

For the first month of my experiment I will use a coupon for everything that I spend money on.  That means if I don’t have a coupon, I can’t buy it.  Everything from milk to shampoo to underwear will have to be bought with a coupon.  But can I buy everything I need this way?  Will I save money?  Will I buy things I don’t need because I have a coupon for it? Where do I find coupons?

(To read my recap of Extreme Couponing month, click here.)

APRIL 2011 – 30 Days of Art

How important is art in our lives? Will participating in creative experiences every day influence how I feel?  What forms of art will affect me the most?  Will a life drawing class increase my hand-eye coordination?  Can a salsa class change the way I move in daily life?  The month of April I will spend exploring my artistic side – from pole dancing, to sewing, to being part of a flash mob dance for International Dance Day.

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MAY 2011 – 31 Days, 31 Dates

In honour of all the single city folk out there who are finding it hard to find love, I will examine as many different ways of meeting other singles as I can with thirty-one days of dates.  From online, to speed dating, to being set-up, to dating a friend, I will spend each day exploring what it’s like to seriously date in the city.  As many friends have pointed out, this will be exhausting but has the makings of a blockbuster romantic comedy.

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JUNE 2011 – Cooking 30 Countries

After a rough month of dating I’m going to want to eat – a lot.  In such a diverse city as Toronto, why not explore culinary culture from around the world and eat something from a different country each day?  All the recipes that I cook I will post for you to try out, as well as the history of the food and the culture it comes from.

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JULY 2011 – Only Online Purchases

Is it really easier to buy things online and have them delivered to your door?  Will I save time? Money? Or will it be more stressful and difficult to find the items I need?  Everything I spend money in this month will be purchased online.  I will share all the websites I use and break down the ins and outs of online shopping.

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AUGUST 2011 – Out of My Comfort Zone

A trip to the nude beach.  Singing solo Karaoke to a packed bar. A day of silence.  Dressing in drag.  August will be a month of pushing my boundaries, living outside my comfort zone, and seeing how much I can learn from it (or absolutely hate it).

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SEPTEMBER 2011 – 31 First Kiss Interviews

Keven was walking me home after seeing Spice World (yep – Spice Girls the movie) at the Famous Players.  It was snowing out – that light fluffy snow that flutters onto your eyelids and coats the ground in a beautiful white blanket.  Keven let go of my hand and playfully threw a snowball at me.  I threw one back giggling as it hit him in the shoulder.  He tried to tackle me into a snow bank and we both fell to the ground.  At that moment, with the perfect white snow and “so tell me what you want, what you really really want…” still ringing in our ears, he softly kissed me.  My first kiss.  In honour of this magical moment, I am interviewing and posting the stories of thirty-one first kisses (of a range of people), starting with my first kiss’s first kiss.

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OCTOBER 2011 – Vegan for the Month

Goodbye leather sandals, glossy playing cards (a lot of them are coated with gelatin made from animal connective tissue – ie skin), Chunky Monkey Ben & Jerry’s, and so much more.  Hello tofu dogs and hemp clothing.  Ok, I know, and a lot of other things.  The month of September I will live as a Vegan – from food to clothing to lifestyle – to see if it transforms my life, my health, and my way of thinking.

(To read my recap of Vegan for the Month, click here.)

NOVEMBER 2011 – 30 Holiday Celebrations

“If we took a holiday
Took some time to celebrate
Just one day out of life
It would be, it would be so nice”

If Madonna says just one day of celebration would be so nice, I can imagine 30 days will be even better.  For the month of November I will celebrate a different holiday each day (from popular to obscure), observe the rituals, and examine the history associated with it.

(To read my recap of 30 Holiday Celebrations, click here.)

DECEMBER 2011 – Good Deed a Day

In honour of the commercialized holidays that dominate our Western culture, I’m going to celebrate December by doing a good deed every day.  How can I help others?  How does this make others feel?  How do I feel?  Is there really such thing as a selfless act?  Does it matter if it’s “selfless”, if it’s making other people’s lives easier?

(To read my recap of Good Deed a Day, click here.)

JANUARY 2012 – Life at the Poverty Line

For the thirty-one days of October, I will live life at the poverty line. What do I need to give up?  Can I eat healthy on a very tight budget?  Who else is living this way?  I will also examine poverty levels in other countries to compare to Canada.

(To read my recap of Life at the Poverty Line, click here.)

FEBRUARY 2012 – Surprise month voted on by you, the reader

For the last month of my year-long experiment, I am leaving the choice of what I am going to do to you – the readers.  Comment with your suggestions on the “Suggest My Last Month!” section above.  At the end of December, I will take the top five suggestions and have you vote on which one I will do for the month of February.  A couple of ground rules, though.  It can’t be illegal.  It can’t cost a lot of money (unless you want to donate the money to me to accomplish it).  Suggest away…

***Update: The winner of the reader suggestions and voting is:

A photograph a day

Take one photograph a day, post it, and write about the story behind it.  The photos will represent the journey I went on throughout the year, telling the story of where I started to where I am now.

(To read my recap of the year, click here.)

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